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What you get from this unit: 

Indeed it is this wheel mentioned below. Its power is in its high flexibility. 


What is Electional Astrology

To gain some personal benefits from Astrology, it is wise to do at least two things:

    1) Not to swim against the current.

    2) Take advantage of the high wave to carry you there where you want.

In other word, plan your major activities according to the Astrological lore. How? Electional Astrology is the answer.


To do that you need

a) some astrological knowledge (if you still don't have much of it, it is just there waiting for you on the pages of hundreds of astrological books)

b) Apply those astrological hints and tips on your Nativity (Horoscope). Here comes the crucial role of the computer

    and a software which should show you all the changes in most flexible manner, otherwise you get board and fed up.


Believe me there is no other software can do it better than  Astral .

If you are Astrologer you will highly appreciate the unique advantages presented in the clips below.






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