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What you get in this unit: As mentioned below Birth Time Rectification (BTR) is based on reversing the process of Primary Progression. In one hand you must have an important life event/s and in the other an approximate BT. The idea is to come to the conclusion saying: "Oh, this dreadful (or happy) event must have be been coincided (triggered) by that primary direction (aspect) and that primary direction which must have taken place only if I had been born at that hour and minute of that day and that is my rectified BT.

The idea is just as simple as that, but the calculation is a little tricky. Therefore no one even tried to put in a computer. Why, because all the calculations are done on the ecliptic (in Right Ascensions (R.A.) -degrees-) and not on the equator and 1 RA dose not always equals 1 degree. Such minor difference in the calculation may put the event few years earlier or later. That means the fundamental bases of BRT and primary progression are blown off as all the calculations are done in RAs.        

Moreover, you need an organized method for how to find those primary aspects. This unit offers three magnificent methods. All need some astrological knowledge and imaginative thinking and non offer ready to wear solution. Simply you must start with a concept and realistic assumption which you want to be sure of it. The first idea arise from within the contemplation in the Nativity. Such as it shows a powerful dreadful planet is about twenty degrees in longitude (not in RAs yet) off the MC. and the Native experienced dreadful event twenty years ago as well. Here you need your minimum astrological knowledge. You should be able to realize the astrological significance of both points forming the investigated aspect (primary direction). That powerful dreadful planet could be Saturn, Pluto any other malefic especially in bad cosmic state (fall, determent), it is not expected to leave the Native in peace when its harmful energy get triggered when it progresses into sensitive point on the Nativity. So, you have to start mentally selecting that planet whose nature apply with the nature of the event and the point to which it progresses (another planet or radical angle Asc or Mc). Where the distance between them (in longitude degrees) is more or less about the the arc of time of the event, calculating one degree for one year of life. There might be several such options and to calculate each of them manually the astrologer will needs weeks and may not come out with any fruitful conclusion. That's why the services of  BTR astrologers are the most expensive. This unit provides three practical methods for how to find the most probable Birth time having in hand one or more exactly dated life events.                          


1) One important life event and selected possible primary aspects (directions):

You do that by selecting from the list of planets those two progressed points (point refers to planet and to any of the angles [Asc and Mc]) to hear from inside something like. "Hi you, look at that planet. If it came to that aspect point with this or that point the birth should have been 5 minutes (earlier or later) or 5 hours". So if the Native had informed you firmly that birth took place within thirty minutes off the given BT, then certainly the 5 hours aspect option should be removed from the calculation. And so one the astrologer continues searching.


2) One important life event all natal planets:

Simply you order Astral software to find all possible primary aspects (called directions) which took place within fixed period of time (ten, twenty minutes or one, two hours) before and/or after the given BT handed to you in order to spin (attribute) to one of them that major life event. Here one needs good astrological knowledge about the nature of the selected direction and the event in order not to make serious mistake. The software will tell you that "if you and only you had attributed the given life event to this or that primary aspect (direction), birth must have taken place at this calculated time with accuracy up to the minute" and Good-bye.     


3) More given major life events and all primary progressed natal planets:

The previous method may puzzle you when it introduces very many options to select among them the correct one. So what could you do? With this method you feed Astral Software another major life event/s and ask it to find you the best possible options. It will be easier to guess the possible exact birth time when the second event refers to the same possible BT as the first event did. Taking into the consideration that the nature of the event applies with the nature of the selected primary aspect (direction).



What is birth time rectification?

Not many people are lucky enough to have their birth time recorded accurately up to the minute, they don't have to rectify their birth time. Exact birth time is necessary to fix the exact degrees of the natal Midheaven (Medium coli or Mc) and the Ascendant (Asc). These two cardinal points of the natal horoscope are often involved in our most important life events and they are the most important points in progressions and transits methods used in forecasting life events.

Rectification methods presented here are based on the theory of Primary Progression but in reversed manner. The first premise of primary progression is that natal bodies progress (move symbolically) forward and backward about one degree for each year of human life. In this way, when one of them throws direction (aspect) on a natal point (standing), then an event will be highly probable to take place. Exact timing of events and anticipating their nature is another problem. According to this method of rectification we pick important life event(s) and try to figure out that birth time which could have been the initiator of this event.  To conduct BT rectification, you need to know at least the date of one or few major life events. You must be equipped with some astrological knowledge to attribute which direction (progression aspect) to which event. Important life events which could bring positive or negative events are:  

Winning or inheriting some wealth or fortune. Distinguished promotions in business, work and even in education (higher degrees). Fortunate contract and very happy marriage. Life saving accidents and occasions. Big lottery wins. Unexpected and happy meetings and so on.  Among the negative events you may often find the date of one or both parents death. All dreadful accidents to the human body and the personal wealth and even those of the native's relatives.  Imprisonment and captivity. Financial losses. Conspiracy, humiliation and degradation and such alike. Change of place of resident can also be an important life event depending on its magnitude and consequence.

If Native's father death took place at the age of twenty and in his nativity (birth horoscope) stood only one planet such as Saturn, Pluto, Uranus or even Jupiter some twenty degrees off the Midheaven (East or West), then it could well be involved in the rectification as a timing factor of this event.  The option of <Selected Planets and One Event> is the one for this kind of analysis. It tells you that if fatherís death was to be associated with the conjunction of this planet with the Mc., then the native must have been bourn at the suggested hour and minute which fixes the natal Mc. on certain degree and second to coincide with the mentioned planet arrival to it at the time of the event.

If you had more than one planet so close to be associated with one particular event and  you want to test all possible variants, then you may take the second option of BT rectification offered by the software <ALL Planets and One Event>. The software will tell you what the birth time should have been if any of these planet had progressed to conjunct or oppose an Angle. In all cases you need sound astrological judgment to select the proper decision.

Moreover, in case of wider analysis and you have many events. Letís say one took place when the native was twenty as in the previously mentioned example of parent death. The second event was of positive nature; such as gaining high education degree at the age of twenty-five. The third event was also a good one. At the age of thirty when the native won valuable business contract. Letís suppose that with each of the last two events, there were also sufficient positive primary directions, such as the Sun ruler of the ninth was some twenty five degrees below the horizon in the first house and Jupiter was thirty degrees below the horizon in the fifth house and Venues in the seventh. The option of <Many Planets and All Events> helps here very much.  It will tell you what birth time must have been to associate with every single event of these in conjunction direction or opposition to the Mc or Asc.

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