What Software
All Astrology software show Charts such as the Nativity wheel but very few (if any) calculate and show accurate time listing for the main astrological configurations encounter the Native. Natal planets positions and houses cusps are the root of all astrological calculations. The traditional part of the configurations is based on progressing the planets to each other and calculating the actual Transits and modern Astrology applies new instruments such as the Key Cycle and the charts of annual Solar return and Moon return. Fortunately, interpretation of all possible astrological configurations are available in tones of books by many good Astrologers and often attainable for little money.

Though, Most Astrology Software provide sufficient hints for the interpretations, the problem was always with the accurate calculation of the timing of those configurations using the various methods. This is one of the avenues which Astral Astrology Software managed to do in most flexible way.
For thousands of years, Primary & Secondary Progressions and Transits were the main instruments of Astrology, although few modern Astrologers tackled the calculation of Primary Directions (progression) for its complexity. Astral Software for Astrologers is the only software has managed to systemize these calculations and presented the final results in smart tables. Show me

The significance of the Key Cycle chart is better understood when it is seen in combination with the Nativity chart. With Astral Software one can see such unique chart dynamic chart showing the how the KC moving around the Nativity or the Nativity moving around the KC chart. However, the passage of KC angels over important natal planets and angles is very important and often coincide with important life events. Instead of visually figuring out the date of passage you find them readily calculated and presented in tables Show me

On this site you find something new about Astrology and its forecasting techniques. The fatal events of NY September 11th, 2001 and London 2005-7-7 and others illustrate the features of Astrology in timing events.