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The Key Cycle with some modifications to the original one of the astrologer Wynn can explore new realm as prediction and analytical tool. The case of the US president J. F. Kennedy and his assassination was and still very obscure to everyone. The Key Cycle should put some light on understanding the karmic nature of that event. Below is presented astral-Key Cycle which is an update version of the original one.  


John F Kennedy Nativity 29-05-1917 -15:14 Brookline/ MA

The Nativity of that young man is really very rare, the location of the malefic Saturn exactly on the cusp of the tenth house (MC) will certainly accompany him all his life in every little thing and so it did. Astrology old masters such as  Morin de Villefranche (J B Morin) mentioned that malefic planet (especially if were prominent in the chart) either denies completely or hinders what the house promises or offer it in the negative sense (bad way) or offer it and then take it away.  Indeed that what happened. One more important note about the accidental determination of the planet (its nature and power due to the zodiacal sign). Saturn was in Cancer it is the sign of its debility which means it is unlikely going to offer fully the good things promised by Saturn when it is in MC (if ever).

Mercury is another planet needs special attention due to the mysterious role it is going to play in this nativity. Surprisingly it is also exactly on a cusp of one the houses. It is located exactly on the cusp of the 8th house of death squeezed between two powerful planets (Jupiter and the determined Mars as its is in Taurus). Mercury is the ruler of 12th house of hidden affairs and hidden enemies. 

John F Kennedy Transiting chart for the day of assassination 22-11-1963

On the left (Figure2) is the Transiting chart for the day of his assassination 22-11-1963 in Dallas/ TX. In the inner ring is located the Nativity as it appears in the previous figure. In the outer ring the transiting planets are circulating the nativity as usual inside the natal houses. There isn't anything unusual or any any significant indication that something big going to happen. It is an example how the Transiting chart can be fully handicapped to offer any  signal in serious situations. Therefore, the houses of the key cycle became indispensable to show something more.       

John F Kennedy usual Key Cycle for the day of assassination 22-11-1963

On right (Figure 3) we see the normal Key Cycle of J. F. Kennedy on the day of his association. Honestly, there isn't much in it either. On that day the transiting Mars and Venus were very close, the conjunction aspect took place nearly on J. F. Kennedy Key Cycle ascendant. Surely it is rare signal as such conjunction happens once every 5-6 years but to take place so near to the ascendant of someone's KC can happen only once, if ever. It is not meaning less signal at all but still not enough. Drastic event as that should be accompanied with more than one rare signal. The transiting Mars was ruling on that day JFK 4th KC. It is the house of buildings, end of life and so on. The transiting Venus was ruling JFK KC Mc (Career, Public position) in fact both were also on the cusp of natal 3rd house (communication, cars). Still not enough to refer to such horrible event. It seems as if the usual Key Cycle was engaged rather to echo the tangible circumstances and had left  what was behind the seen to its other Key Cycle sisters. Look at Figure 4 how terrific it is.        

John F Kennedy sidereal Key Cycle for the day of assassination 22-11-1963

It is horrible, there is no need to say much here. Unbelievably on that very day the seldom conjunction between the transiting Uranus and Pluto took place EXACTLY on the degree of FJK sidereal Key Cycle (sKC) Ascendant when the sKC MC fall exactly on his natal Sun. Not only that, the obscure transiting Mercury opposed the natal Sun from sKC 4th house cusp. Still not enough. The very rare conj/ opposition between the natal Nodes and the transiting Nodes took place on the cusp of sKC 5th house just entering the 4th. It is even more surprising that at the time of the shoot the transiting Moon was on the natal 4th opposing the dreadful position of the natal Saturn and Neptune. No other astrology instrument could ever provide so many sharp signals as the Key Cycle.  Let us analyze few of these signals:


1) Uranus / Pluto conjunction takes place once every 370 years. This phenomenon is often accompanied with lots of upheavals wars and certainly sudden death if it had fallen on the Ascendant.

The ascendant of every key cycle runs around all the zodiacal degrees once every 4.5 years. To be there on the exact degree of Uranus on the day of the assassination together with the mentioned other very three rare signals, needs really miracle.


2) The transiting Mercury is very fast planet, often its transits are not take seriously by astrologers. You find it running here and there, but to be on the day of the event Exactly on the sidereal key cycle 4th house (of end of life) degree opposing the natal Sun needs serious  consideration. More than that, transiting Mercury  significance in the sidereal key cycle was not important as ruler of sKC 11th and 2nd houses which is nothing special. One will be surprised to find out that it operated with its natal capacity where it had hidden dreadful latent power as has been mentioned in Figure 1. It was exactly on the cusp of natal 8th house (of death) and ruler of natal 12th (of hidden enemies) and in exact conjunction aspect with the natal detriment Mars in Taurus (impulsive, wicked from behind the seen) that means it had been fully injected with these features from the natal Mars. By nature it refers to communication (such as cars) and when it conjoint the natal Jupiter the car was luxurious capriole limousine. If one takes the assumption that the sign Scorpion is ruled by Pluto then the transiting Mercury was under the control of Pluto. It is the participant in the grand conjunction with Uranus a n d  it (Pluto) was in the sign of its fall Leo (very wicked working from behind the seen) Pluto with such features refers in mundane astrology to organized crime or any kind of intelligent service or any power works from behind the seen).


3) The passage of the transiting South Node over JFK natal North Node on that time was indeed the strangest thing could ever happen. Such phenomenon takes place only once during the life time of any individual. To accompany the event of assassination when the natal North Node was just entering the sidereal key cycle fourth house from the fifth can only refer to the karmic nature of the event. As has been mentioned; detriment Saturn (in Taurus) never gives to the end the good of the house where it is located. The life of that poor president was the price of his short presidency.


We see how powerful are the signals of sidereal key cycle. There is no any logical explanation for the behavior of the usual key cycle when it refused to tell a lot about this event. The event is doomed to stay in the darkness to be one of most mysterious puzzles ever met that country.     


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