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of 2001-08-06 US Nativity Transit chart

The opposition between Saturn and Pluto of August 6, 2001 is global phenomenon; the best way for its presentation is the Transiting chart as in figure 1. It is simply copy of the Nativity surrounded by the transiting planets in the outer ring. The natal planets are in the inner ring. The houses cusps of the chart are of course of the Nativity.

The transiting Saturn falls in the natal 1st House only 5 below the ascendant exenterating the power of this aspect. Saturn is the ruler of natal 8th (death) which is in accord with its nature. The opposition with the transiting Pluto co-ruler of Aries on the cusp of the natal 12th highly increases the malefic nature of this transit over the US nativity.

We still do not know when, where and how it is going to manifest itself in the real world. The Transiting chart has not the capacity to offer more than a general conclusion which its value cannot be minimized. The Astrologer should find assistance in some other tools such as the Key Cycle which proved to be very helpful in directing the attention to the field where the transit discharges its load.


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of 2001-08-06 US Key Cycle  (KC inside Nativity chart)

It is similar to the previous chart (Transiting chart) but with Key Cycle houses cusps inside. They are scattered inside the inner wheel where the transiting planets are located this time while the natal cusps are still in the outer ring as the main houses cusps of the chart. Therefore, it is called Key Cycle chart with the transiting planets and houses inside the Nativity. When we figure out the same chart but with the Key Cycle houses cusps outside as the main cusps of the chart then we will have Key Cycle chart with the Nativity (with its planets and houses cusps) inside they KC. Each of these two presentations is indispensible to explore the significance of this tool. Its houses cusps are the most indicative signals. There positions inside the natal houses (and visa vie) as well the location of both transiting and natal planets inside the KC houses are extremely important. It adds another dimension to the astrological analysis. Thereon, KC presentation methods are indeed the hidden gate for better understanding to its signals.

The transiting Saturn which was located powerfully just below the natal ascendant was ruling the 4th KC house (real estates/ buildings) at that date. That KC cusp (4th) was located inside the 8th natal house exactly on the ominous natal south node! It is very powerful indication to direct the attention to field which could be affected by that dreadful opposition in that particular nativity. It is rather going to have something with the fourth house affairs. In fact, the KC charts offers very many other indications could be traced patiently by the researcher.



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of 2001-08-06 US Key Cycle  (Nativity inside KC inside chart)

At the moment of birth the Meridian coli (Mc) and all houses cusps of the Key Cycle are identical to those of the Nativity. Slowly after birth Kc Mc starts its anti-clockwise journey around the Nativity through the signs of the zodiac at an average of 1 degree every 4-5 days. KC chart alone without natives Nativity is not much indicative. Having each of them on separate tray is not really helpful as having them both in one compound chart. Which houses cusps should this chart have? Those of the Nativity or of the KC on that date? The usual way of presentation is as that in figure 2, where the KC chart with its houses cusps and planets were put inside the Nativity. It is good to see how the KC elements are moving around the Nativity. For the analysis it is very important to see which elements from both the Nativity and the KC are passing around the KC angels and KC houses. In fact they are the crux of the whole analysis. Therefore, Astral Software has worked out another way for KC/ Nativity chart analysis. The cusps of the KC where taken as cusps for the main chart (the outer ring) and the Nativity houses cusps and planets were put in the inner ring as in chart 3 which is called Nativity inside KC. In this chart we see the same contains the previous chart but in much better way one can watch what is running around the KC angles and houses. Concerning Saturn / Pluto opposition (St opp Pl) of 2001-08-06, one can see clearly in this chart what other very important combinations accompanied it. They could tell half the story of the event of Sep11, 2001. Let us first remember certain rules in mundane astrology. During any historical global aspect (like this one) all transiting planets positions become very sensitive and have long lasting effect. Great astrologers like L. Edward Johndro have even transited and progressed to them planets of other future charts. At the time of that (St opp Pl) some historical astrological combination took place in US Nativity.

1) Transiting Jupiter returns to (passes over) its natal position once every 12 years or so. It did it this time exactly on the day of this grand opposition!

2) Jupiter Return took place exactly on the Mc of the Key Cycle on that date and it was accompanied with the transiting North Node and Venus. What does it mean? Jupiter Return means rebirth for what Jupiter rules in the Nativity. Generally speaking it rules prosperity and so on, in US Nativity it also rulers the 7th house of open enemies. Does it mean birth of a new enemy? It was accompanied (in close conjunction aspect with) Venus which has just managed hastily to rule over KC eighth (0Tauraus40) the house of death and also it was the ruler of that KC Asc. (4Libra18) keeping in mind that it is the US natal 12th house ruler of captivity and misfortunate.

3) The ominous transiting South Node was exactly on the degree of KC fourth house of (Real estates. buildings) both were ruled by the transiting Saturn which was taking part in that historical aspect.

Horrifying isn't it? It dose not seem that there is any astrological tool or non-astrological can show such important details as the Key Cycle. This is not the end of the story.



Astral Astrology Software Application 4



of 2001-08-06 US sidereal Key Cycle  (KC inside Nativity chart)


Hindo Astrology is Sidereal Astrology based on the sidereal zodiac. No one deny the magnificent achievements of those astrologers. Let us take the same previous chart in figure 3 on the sidereal zodiac. Astral Software facilitates this option very easily. The chart is called Sidereal Key Cycle Nativity inside KC. Of course first what we look at in any KC is the location of any major astrological combination and primarily what is passing over the KC angels, they are as great magnifying glasses to withdraw our attention to is going to happed.

1) Saturn opp Pluto fall on the cusps of the 6th and 12th houses. Saturn on the 6th house cusp (arm forces) made exact conjunction aspect with natal Uranus ruler of sKC third house. It is the house of air communication. Saturn in the sidereal Nativity did not rule the 8th natal as in tropical (not sidereal nativity) but ruled the natal 9th (foreign hands) and natal 10th. Arm forces of great power are expected to begin the attack not to be attacked with foreign hands at the door steps of its headquarter using air communication means. Pluto was on the cusp of the 12th house of the sidereal KC in conjunction with the transiting Mars. Both have a lot to do with Aries which was on the cusp of the 4th of the sKC. It is again reference to real estates but this time it seems to refer to the attacked twin towers and the building of the arm forces which was attacked too.

2) The space between the 1st house and the 4th is only 3 houses or a little bit more. Here while the sKC Ascendant fall within 2 degrees on the natal 8th of (Death), the chart swallowed 4 natal houses to make the natal 12th houses cusp (misfortunate) be falling exactly on the cusp of sKC 4th (Buildings). All that happened while the natal South Node was exactly on the southern cusp (the 2nd house cusp) of sKC Ascendant (it moves backward) and what is worse the transiting South Node (10Sagittarius) was within 1 degree only from entering the natal 8th (9 Sagittarius) on the door steps of sKC Ascendant (7Sagittarius) 2nd largest magnifying point. sKC Ascendant was within seconds from falling under the rule (full control) of the South Node which rules the degree (8 Sagittarius) which means definite cruel misfortunate.

It seems the story did not finish yet. It is really amazing; with Astral Software one can still find more. We leave the rest to be discovered by the curious researchers





Astral Astrology Software Application 5




of 2001-08-06 US Heliocentric Key Cycle  (KC inside Nativity chart)


All previous charts (1 - 4) were drawn on the geocentric level (planets as seen from the earth) It is the traditional way of calculating charts in astrology since ever it was found. Nowadays, many astrologers are experimenting Planets Heliocentric positions in drawing charts, it is called Heliocentric Astrology. That is calculating planets positions in the zodiac exactly as they are seen from the Sun the center of the solar system. It is gaining popularity in Financial and Mundane astrology. With Astral Software, it is possible to switch any chart from one method to the other with single click. Houses system like that of Regiomontanus is found worth experimenting.


On the left we see the US Nativity calculated with Heliocentric Planets. Natal Pluto (ruler of Scorpio on the sixth house of arm forces) enjoys remarkable position in this chart. It is in full harmony with Mercury ruler of the Nativity. Mercury is fast moving planet, switching the chart from geocentric into heliocentric changes the positions of such planets substantially. The opposition aspect between them in the geocentric chart has become (positive sixtel aspect). The historical geocentric exact opposition aspect (180) between the transiting Saturn and the transiting Pluto took place in very sensitive place in US geocentric Nativity. Transiting Saturn was on (12 Gemini) five degrees below the natal Ascendant (7Gemini) and four degrees off the exact conjunction aspect with the natal Uranus.
ٍIn fact, Saturn/t (transiting) conjoint natal Uranus in the beginning of July 2001 and nothing happened though such conjunction is rare too and powerful It takes place once every 18 yeas. It seems what was being cooked behind the seen was even much worse.
During that period the transiting Mars was weaving another story. It conjoint the transiting Pluto (15 Sagittarius) on the 19th of March 2001 but did not go away even after it had inflamed the natal Mars twice with opposition aspects (2001-04-01 and 2001-06-20R). It was all the time there moving between the conjunction with Pluto/t and opposing natal Mars. It was rather strange behavior. Let us see what did Mars rule over that period in the Key Cycle chart. Mars ruled KC 7th (partner open enemy ) It ruled also natal 12th (limitation- misfortune). Natal Pluto (hovered by Mars/t) is the natural ruler of the natal 6th (Scorpion) and in the Key Cycle was ruling the 3rd of the KC of (Communication Air)
Let us see what that persistence appearance of Mars with this historical opposition between Saturn and Pluto means on the heliocentric level (figure 6) . It discloses the full hidden story. At the time when Mars/t was doing that show (moving between Pluto/t conjunction and the opposition with natal Mars) on the geocentric level it was running hastily to conjoin not the transiting Pluto but to conjoin the natal Pluto indeed exactly on the day of the grand geocentric opposition between the transiting Saturn and Pluto/t when on that day too the heliocentric Saturn managed to conjoin the natal Uranus and the Natal US Ascendant after it had conjoint with the transiting Mars the day before.
They were unbelievable circumstances relating that grand opposition with the US nativity chart. It was only matter of time till that barrel of explosives blows everything up and it did on Sep11. Keeping in mind that:
1) Saturn/t (destruction) arrived to conjoin (sends it power to) the natal ascendant (population) and to natal Uranus and natal Mars (sudden fire) to high buildings (Saturn/t ruled KC 4th !) which its cusp was exactly on the cusp of natal 8th (of death).
2) Mars/t ruler of Key Cycle 8th (death) and natal 12th (bad omen, hidden enemy) and Key Cycle 7th (partner, open enemy) conjoint Pluto/n natal 6th house ruler and KC 3rd . All in Capricorn deposited by Saturn (under Saturn mercy) in Key Cycle 4th (tall buildings /Capricorn)
3) Remarkably, all that happened exactly on the day when the transiting Sun (bad in Heliocentric) [13Leo] fired the cusp of the natal 4th [13Leo too!] inflaming with it the transiting wicked (in Leo=fall) Mercury [12Leo] (transiting ruler of the Nativity) which has just managed to enter the natal 3rd (wicked usage of air communication means) by alienates as it was co-ruler of Key Cycle 9th totally superimposing the natal ascendant!



Astral Astrology Software Application 6


The final tragic event  September 11, 2001 US Heliocentric Key Cycle  (Nativity inside Key Cycle chart


Finally the barrel of explosives accumulated by the Saturn / Pluto grand opposition of 2001-08-06 had to explode and it did on September the 11th when the Meridian coli (Mc) of NY heliocentric key cycle (12 Cancer 44) approached the natal heliocentric Earth (called Sun in geocentric terms) (12 Cancer 44). It is really amazing how accurate this astrological instrument works!

The dreadful location of Saturn/t in that grand opposition (exactly on heliocentric US natal Ascendant and natal Uranus) discharged its power of sudden (Uranus) death (ruler of natal 8th) among the innocent population (1st house) in tall buildings (ruler of h Key Cycle 4th house) by long distance (being on the cusp of hKC 9th) air communication means (being in Gemini).

Saturn/t was all the time there hovering the natal ascendant since the exact (geocentric) opposition with Pluto. It was triggered to act when

1) Helio/ Key Cycle Mc conjoint the natal Helio/ Sun the most ominous body ib\n heliocentric astrology ruler of natal 4th.

2) The whole distractive heliocentric configuration (Asc/n = Ura/n = Mars/n = Saturn/t) was entering the 8th (death) Key Cycle house from the 9th.


That shows how powerful and sensitive are the Meridian coli and the Ascendant and all houses cusps of any Key Cycle.    

Do you still think making astrological prediction is difficult. Surely not. Only main keywords are used in this deduction. Today, one needs helpful software rather than  a monk spent all life reading the stars.


Astral Astrology Software is not the only software on Earth managed to computerize primary progression calculation but also the only software on Earth facilitates tracing the actions of the Key Cycle in such unique indicative manners. Please enjoy it with our great pleasure.


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