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We have the pleasure to introduce our comprehensive web design service. There are several methods to have your own website on the internet. The maintenance of the site is also an important element to be kept in mind. The site should be updated from time to time by adding some new things and removing what has became old and out of date.


In fact designing the site and then keeping it running are two separate things. After having your site designed (say for affordable price), you should ask yourself and the designer: "how can update it and for how much?". Usually the cost of such service is about fifty dollars per hour (with 1/Hr minimum. charge) or "go and do it yourself !".  It doesn't sound funny, you will discover after a while that some text you had published contained errors or part of it sounds clumsy enough to pay that amount of money to get it removed or altered. The problem will be more difficult, if you do not know how to get into the server and how and where to find that piece of text and how to edit it.


Generally speaking, there are several methods for website design:


1) The traditional HTML method:  The design is based mostly on HTML design language and it's your problem what to do with it in the future, that all for not less than hundred pounds or hundred euro for two pages only and one hundred box for every additional page.  Please see the following links: DesignOven (99 for 2 pages)  or  2jdesign (99 for 2pages)  or   lineofsite (195 for 2 pages)   or   123triad ($480 for 2 pages)


2) Content Management System (CMS): The designer may select another method not based solely on HTML design language. You need to have CMS software to do it for you. It may cost 200 dollars from one firm or even free from another firm. Two years ago group of young people in the UK introduced to the market and for free new system for website design called "Joomla" where the owner of the site can personally modify the contains of the pages without prior knowledge in design techniques exactly as in writing letters with any simple text editor. Of course that can be done only after having the site installed and fixed to run which is the hurdle of the whole story. Once the site has been designed (and put in action), you can alter the contains with little efforts whenever you want to. The other side of the coin, this system could be raged and hacked unless you know how to keep it secure and that needs some additional efforts each time you want to alter something on the pages. Still, it is excellent system as long as you do not have dangerous competitors who may hire hackers to disrupt your site. We have searched the first 100 entries in several search engines but didn't find frank straight forward offer for how much it costs to fix such a site. Only one provided the service for about $400, which seems to be it is only for installing the free copy with its original 8 demo pages. The question is about the cost of removing that pile of unwanted rubbish from the site and fixing sensible template instead of the gray original one. It looks like this. (Click here)



3) There is another method worked out by us. It sounds incredible but still true. It is based on applying the traditional HTML method and with some of the advantages of the second method mentioned above but with some limitations. With Joomla one can change the text and all its properties (font type, size, color, background color and so on). Here you can alter only the substance of the text without additional precautions about the security of the page.


In all cases; to have a site published on the web you need to have

- Domain Name, which you can buy for seven dollars or have free sub-domain

- Hosting Firm, to put the site on secured running computer. It could be paid service or for free from some firms.

- The code itself for the site


The web designer should carry on all those three steps to have your site running, though it is preferred by many people to have the first two steps under their full control. Buying domain name and hiring disk space on a server can all be done online in minutes. It is better to select trustful hosting firm with traditions in this business. The designing firm are mostly run by young people, today they are in this business the other day they upgrade to a better one.


It is obvious that it is very important to have the code for site fully installed and you can see it working on the server. The outlook of the site is subject of personal preference. Some people think attractive looking template is the most important while others look for practicality that the site should be informative and well ranked in order to be easily found by the viewers. It is not always easy to keep these two factors fully combined all the time. Probably you have noticed that templates with fine artistic appearance contain less text in the first page, as they concentrate on images and colors. Unfortunately, search engines crawlers pay attention only to the substance of the page. Exporting the indicative text into inner pages of the site is not the same as having reasonable amount of it on the first page. For ranking and evaluating the site, crawlers search among the words of the site rather than among colors and images which are equally important to leave good impression on the viewers. Templates are available in all colors and shapes and in varied prices as well. The cost of what is called "unique template" (will not be sold for others after you) is about several thousands dollars. The cost of the same template which will be used by you and other users is about seventy dollars.

Therefore, without having it adjusted to convoy sensible text on the first page it will be as piece of art in remote desert. It is clear now that the role of the designer for couple of hundred dollars service is rather limited to injecting the few words text in whatever form and hanging it on the server so everyone will be happy.


We hope our experience in astrology and web design can help astrologers and non-astrologers as well as small firms to have their own web pages at very low cost (50% less to any offer presented by any designing firm you select). Also, you can participate live on-line in your site design for little charges. we can put on your page lots of unique applets, gages, plug ins and offer enormous number of templates for "Joomla" web design all could be done live online in couple of days.

Tell us what you want and we shall do our best to help.

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               Last modified: September 28, 2015