What is Astral-Excel software?

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Listing astrological phenomena and projecting flexible Wheels are the major task of Astral Astrology Software.

Astral users wanted more flexibility in listing the valuable calculations by using Excel sheets. Astral Excel exports nearly all the calculated listings (Tables) into Excel sheets, in addition to the till now used methods in standard Astral software.

With Astral Excel, the user can save, print, adjust and reorganize the list of astrological phenomena (Primary & Secondary Progressions, Transits, Key Cycle angles passage over planets, global Mutual planetary aspects, Rising Moon and others ).  Macros are available only with (Excel for Finance version), they are additional small Excel subroutines (software) used as helpful tool in the hand of  researchers and professionals for exploring the utmost value of the listing. 

The only disadvantage with Excel appears when non Latin language were selected for Windows as second language.  Excel overrides the installed astrology font which shows the glyphs but it seems working good with European languages set by Windows. Users who had standard Astral Software before May 2012 can easily upgrade  to this new version by covering the cost between the two versions.

Here are some examples:



However, the flexibility offered by the standard Astral will stay there. With single click the Nativity and other supportive calculations could be reached without leaving the page. Only additional page will appear for the presentation of the same table in Excel sheet. Below is an illustration:


Listing Mutual Planetary Aspects is often used in Mundane astrology. Excel listing may look like the one below with three additional data columns to help in writing Macros and in sorting out the contains of the table (Aspects In Numbers), (Aspects In Alpha or letters), (For sorting) numerical references. The width of columns could be always adjusted by the user of Excel   






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