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Solar Return chart is calculated for the time when the transiting Sun arrives every year at its exact natal position*). This chart is gaining large popularity among Astrologers nowadays. The interpretation should begin with the analysis of the relationship between the natal houses and those of the Solar Return (SR) chart. The Ascendant (Asc) and the Midheaven (Mc) of the SR are of prime importance in any interpretation. Also houses superimposition (Natal/ SR Houses) is extremely important indicative tool for the coming year events. Solar Return planets always often behave and function in the way they inherited in the Nativity. Strong and favorably aspected natal malefic planet such as Mars or Saturn will not be so harmful in the SR chart, the same thing could be said about afflicted benefic planet like Jupiter if it were in bad natal state as it will not be able to express all its favorable power in any transit in the chart.

The analysis of the Solar Return Chart required more attention to the following points:

  •  - The placement of the annual (SR) Asc. and the Mc. in (which) natal house and sign.

  •  - The placement of the natal  Asc. and Mc. in the annual (SR) houses.

  •  - Any favorable or unfavorable aspects between SR Asc. & Mc. and the natal angles and planets, and any aspects between the SR planets and the radical angles.   

  •  - The superimposition of the SR houses inside natal houses is very indicative.

  •  - Mutual aspects between SR and Natal planets are very important taking into the consideration the houses the rule in the chart.

*) Astrology interprets planets positions in the zodiac at certain minute in relation to 1)  each others 2) and to the rising point at that very minute. The rising point begins the first house of the the 12 houses. In Astrology each house influences particular field of life activates of the Native. In the Nativity which is the Horoscope for the beginning of human life of every living creature, the position of planets in the zodiac at that minute is very significant. The position of the Sun is called the natal Sun, in fact it is the Heliocentric position of the Earth, over which the Sun (the Heliocentric Earth) passes once every year. The very minute of this passage is called the Solar Return (to its natal position) and the chart (horoscope) erected is called Solar Return Chart for that year. It is supposed to reflect  the coming events and tendencies for the coming year. To many astrologers, it is considered to be key forecasting tool.      

Figure 1: Let us take the John Lennon's chart to illustrate Solar Return analysis. He was assassinated when he was forty. Such event cannot pass without having permanent astrological marks in his charts. Lennon's Nativity and his SR charts for the year of his death for different place are shown below. Many Astrologers recognize SR chart for the place of residence is the most important one. As Lennon died in another city then where he was born, his case puts more light on that notion. First let us read what his Nativity refers about his death.

1) His natal 8th (house of death) contains 3 heavy planets all of them were retegrading (backward motion as seen from the earth). It is bad sign for every planet.

2) His natal 8th is ruled by Venus, which could be excellent indication if Venus were not located in Virgo (its Fall sign). It means the planet is weak and ready to show its bad side rather than any good, indeed that what had happened. Happily returning back home (Hotel) with his girl after having fine music concert,  met him some foolish shoots and immediate death (Saturn in the 13 in conjunction with Jupiter also in 13 both in the natal 8th). Probably the fame he gained (Jupiter) after his sudden (Uranus) death (Saturn) between the arms of his beloved wife (Venus) could be better understood form his Nativity chart on the left.

3) His 12th house (Hospitals worst places) didn't show any help, Mars and Neptune were located there both in their (Determent signs) makes the planet rather wicked and contradictory or simply helpless. Though the natal Neptune refers to Lennon's artistic output (sixth house ruler) but it also signifies causes of death from open enemy (the 12th of the 7th).      
Usually Astrologers consider Solar Return chart for the place of resident is the most important, it seems (as in this example) that SR for the Birth Place remains active as well. (Below you find series of SR charts  calculated by the software showing 2 charts one inside the other. The Solar Return chart is fixed in the outer ring. It is also possible to fix SR chart inside the Nativity as in figure 5)


Figure 3: John Lennon spent his 1980 birth day in NY, it is the place where he was murdered. His SR chart for NY should show a lot about that event. With the software it is possible to erect NY SR chart in seconds. Let us see how it looks like.


It looks dreadful. What a coincidence that Lennon's transiting Sun returned to its exact natal position at the time when

1) Pluto was just setting under the horizon in NY.

2) Mars was hanging on the cusp of the 8th house (NY chart)

3) Neptune was entering the 8th house.

4) The slow moving Saturn approached Lennon's natal Mars.

5) Jupiter the other slow moving planet was transiting Lennon's natal Neptune.

All that happened under the shade of

6) The new Moon.

It is difficult to imagine so many coincidences taking place at the same time, such coincidences may happen once in million year. Probably, they were not just coincidences but clear manifestation to the lore of Astrology and the secrets of Solar Return chart. Their interpretation can tell only one thing that this man was going to be killed in that place (NY) and in that year. And that has happened. 


Figure 4: If so many coincidences happened with John's NY SR chart then they could have happen also with his Solar Return chart in any other city. Let us see his 1980 Solar Return chart for Los Angles below. One cannot find anything angular or anything significant in this chart. Of course there could have been exact aspects but all have missed their target.  Non of the aspects in the chart below managed to be exact.

Astrologers often advice Kings and celebrities where to spend their birth day. Even her majesty the Queen Elizabeth timed her visit to Korea not accidentally where she spent her birth day there in1952.     


Figure 5: All previous Solar Return charts were in the outer ring and the houses were of the Solar Return chart. They differ from one city to the other as the geographical location of the city influences the calculation of the chart and the houses cusp. Figure 5 shows the Solar Return planets are located in the inner ring inside the Nativity. In the outer ring we see Lennon's Nativity. This chart doesn't differ much from any usual Transits chart but SR houses are always of special significant. Chart of this kind only withdraws the attention to addition information useful to the analysis as for example in the case the conjunction aspect between the transiting Saturn (death - planet nature & end of life - ruler of natal 4th) / and natal Mars (violent - planet nature & the Native himself - Mars ruled the 1st in NY SR) . It took place indeed in the 12th natal house (killing).

Even more; The conjunction aspect between the transiting SR Jupiter (Death (inside natal 8th in conjunction with natal Saturn at the13) and Pleasure (natal 5th ruler)  and natal Neptune (ruler of the 12th house in NY SR chart & in natal 12th) took place in the natal 12th house as well! 



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