The sidereal  Key Cycle and Sep 11, 2001 


The sidereal Key Cycle is new prediction instrument based on the sidereal zodiac. Western astrology is based on the other zodiac (the Tropical Zodiac) where its starting point is 0 Aries. The Sidereal Zodiac considers the starting point of the tropical zodiac is not valid anymore and it used to be there many thousands years ago and it has moved inside Pieces due to the precession of the Earth. The calculated starting point of the zodiac in sidereal astrology is also debatable. It is called the Ayanamsa. Lahiri calculation is the most popular one, it is officially accepted in India.  It estimates the difference between the zodiacs to be now about 23 degrees. Other features of the sidereal astrology that it applies only the Equal Houses System and gives special attention to the nodes of the Moon. They are considered very malefic points and it does not calculate trans Saturn planets. However, one cannot minimize the great achievements of sidereal Astrologers.

Concerning the application of the sidereal Key Cycle (sKC) on the event of Sep 11, 2001. It is obvious that, that event was extension to the historical opposition between Saturn and Pluto of August 6, 2001. Let us see how that opposition looks like in the US sKC (figure1).

1) Surprisingly, the opposition falls exactly on the degree of natal US Uranus  only about 1 degree below the horizon?


2) It took place exactly on the day when the transiting Venus (ruler of sKC 6th house) return to its natal position. Natal Venus is US sidereal nativity ruler. Both were in conjunction aspect with the transiting North Node (Rahu), all were located in sKC 6th house? (signal 2 in fig 1).

Rahu is the head of the devil in sidereal astrology and is very malefic. It is really amazing that the transiting Venus selected the very day of the opposition AND when Rahu passed over the natal Venus to make its two years return to that point! As if ir wanted to say something, remembering that it is also the ruler of both the natal and sKC 6th house (services, employees ...). (There is certain fact in astrology that at the time of heavy aspect like this opposition all planets positions become very sensitive as if they were recharged with enormous energy and their power get highly intensified.)      


3) It was not enough for the transiting Rahu to poison Venus with that awful conjunction it also conjoint the transiting Jupiter! (Jupiter was in Gemini = [detriment] weak easy to be controlled to become agent of the devil Rahu) Jupiter is the ruler of sKC Asc (population) and natal 8th (death)! It was in sKC 7th house of open enemies, partners and so on.  


4) Still that was not all. The transiting Sun (ruler of natal 4th Buildings and sKC 9th Long distance communication) on the day of the opposition conjoint the transiting Mercury (Air, Communication) after both had been in exact conjunction with the natal Rahu two days earlier? Where? inside sKC 8th house!


5) The transiting Moon (the natural ruler of natal US 3rd house of Communications) was also on the cusp of NY sKC 3rd house on the day of the opposition ?

US NY sidereal Key Cycle for Saturn / Pluto opposition on 2001-08-06 (KC wheel inside Nativity)



Are these all signals or just accidental coincidences ? Probably they were lowed SOS cries addressing every astrologer that something is going to happen. They show the magnificent features of the sidereal Key Cycle. Let us leave the delineation to the reader to estimated the indispensible values of this new prediction instrument presented in Astral Software for Astrologers.  


US NY sidereal Key Cycle for  2001-09-11

 (Nativity wheel inside KC)

US NY sidereal Key Cycle for Saturn / Pluto opposition on 2001-08-06 (Nativity wheel inside KC)

The same crucial five configurations shown in in figure 1 are presented in another way in figure 2 where the natal wheel is put inside the KC wheel. It is one of the useful features of Astral Astrology Software. In this manner we can compare it with the sidereal Key Cycle of the day of the event (figure 3) to see what has triggered the event exactly on that tragic day.


1) The event took place exactly on the DAY when the sKC Ascendant approached to the cusp of the 8th natal house (Equal Houses System according to sidereal astrology rules)


2) When transiting Mars (ruler of natal 12th and sKC 12th) conjoint the malefic "Ketu" or the South Node.


3) Exactly at the time when the transiting Moon (ruler of sKC 8th -Death- and natal 3rd -communications- in Gemini -Air- ) passed over natal Mars triggering transiting Mars / Ketu conjunction    


4) The cusp of sKC 8th conjoint the exact degree of natal Rahu (North Node) on that day


While all the indications in Saturn/ Pluto opposition (figure 1) referred to great misfortune engaging real estates and high buildings. The final timing came with the passage of sKC Ascendant over natal 8th and the transiting Moon over natal Mars whose shadow (the transiting Mars) was completely burned by Ketu inside sKC 12th house. All those signals mentioned in Figure 1 were activated on that day making such enormous historical distraction.         

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