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  The message is  Astrology hints to events before and after occurrences. Key Cycle is the name an astrological instrument helps the astrologer to do this in most explicit way. Astral software has the capacity to convey messages through classical astrological instruments (Progressions, Transits) and modern instruments like the Key Cycle. Sep 11, 2001 application is evidential illustration.

Professional Astrologers use Astral as their daily workshop tool, Students explore the unknown of Astrology easier with

Astral Astrology Software.  

The skill of the Astrologer is very essential for any sensible reading for what primary or secondary Progressions 1) refer to. Any software for Astrologers should provide high flexibility to detect easily what is concealed behind the lines. All Primary directions are important, selecting the appropriate measure of time for their timing (estimating when it happens) is crucial challenge to Astrologer's experience and perception.

On the other hand instruments like the Key Cycles   2)  and Transits need less practice and less general knowledge in the technicalities of Astrology. Events as that of September 11, 2001 could not pass without leaving permanent marks everywhere. The Key Cycle is the only Astrological technique responded unmistakably to that fatal date and confirmed to be very powerful and simple instrument. Four types of Key Cycles have been tested. The above menu buttons refer to them.


 1)  Primary and Secondary progressions are astrological techniques for prediction. Direction is the name of the unit. Time measure is the stick yard to convert degrees in the zodiac into years and days.

 2)  Transits and Key Cycle are other two important astrological instruments. Chart means the horoscope wheel which presents them.


      NY  Sep, 11  2001  terrorist attack    

General Facts about Astrology: Progression and Transits are the oldest forecast instruments in Astrology. Geocentric or Heliocentric planets positions and the type of the zodiac (Tropical or Sidereal) so as the houses system are among the variety of methods used. Key Cycle is fascinating effective forecasting instrument of the modern astrology. Electional Astrology is found to help people to attain success and avoid failures. Harmonizing our actions with favorite astrological configurations doesn’t cost anything but it helps to avoid us the bitterness of disappointment. All astrological operations require precise birth time record; therefore its rectification could be good start. Primary progression as a method for rectification is reliable and exact. Astral software delivers all these options in very flexible manner. With some astrological knowledge the clouds of anxiety caused by the unknown will be waved away. Obscure lengthy misfortunate and unexplained disquiet reveals its secrete in easy and logical way with powerful instruments like the Key cycles and Transits.

Special Facts about the event : This Horoscope presents the history of NY on Sep 11, 2001. It shows how the Key Cycle is a unique Astrological prediction instrument. It could also be used with personal horoscopes of individuals. It is composed mainly of 2 circles (Charts). US Nativity & KC 2001-09-11

Referring to the composed chart on the left. The outer ring and houses cusps are for NY/US Key Cycle (KC) on that tragic day. In the inner ring you see the usual US natal planets and houses cusps.

However, with or without KC analysis, the outer planets are in fact the current transiting planets on that day. The most exciting part of this story are the houses cusps of the KC in thin yellow.

They (KC houses cusp and planets) are the most indicative and obscure elements. As usual they circle around the frozen positions of the Nativity once every 4-5 years. Key Cycle angles are of special significant, they operate as magnifying glasses. They bring violently into the fore everything they pass over. On Sep 11, 2001

            1-2) NY Key Cycle Mc was on 11Cancer (mouse move over here)

            3) 10 Libra was rising on NY KC Asc

            4)   8 Gamine was on the cusp of KC  9th house.

Let us see what the transiting planets were doing on that fatal day.

1) The slow moving  Jupiter was transiting the US natal Sun, Jupiter makes this transit (passing over 12 Cancer -US Sun) once every 12 years. This time Jupiter did it exactly on the ominous date (and most excitingly! ) when that degree was exactly on the Mc (10 house cusp) of NY Key Cycle? Remember that 11Cancer culminates NY KC once every 4-5 years and Jupiter transits it when it culminates once every thousand year or so (12*360/4.5)?


2) Look how US NY KC Mc. 11Cancer approached hastily on the date of the event to the degree of transiting Jupiter (Case 1). And, both endeavored hard to have their meeting on the spot of the US natal Sun (Case 2) very rare indeed.


3) On the same day look how the transiting Mercury managed to catch the running away natal Saturn just on the doorsteps of NY KC Ascendant (Case 3).


4) Also, the Natal Ascendant and Uranus (8Gamine) were just entering KC eighth house of death from the ninth (Case 4). Could that all be simple coincidences or it is clear manifestation to the lore of nature and how Astrology times so many things around us  The story is even better understood on the sidereal zodiac.

I assure you that such amazing stories you can trigger only with the help of Astral Software. You can find even more detailed information on the other pages of this site. Why don't you test your personal Key Cycle? After some practice you will be stunned how risky you were running your life boat without radar in such turbulent ocean full of sharks around you.


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