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What you get:

If you believe in Astrology, then you either have to sit days and weeks with the calculator to calculate the tables below (if ever you know how to do that) or get it done by Astral software.  Interpreting the significant of these table is much less exhausting then calculating them. Many eminent Astrologers like Alan Leo and others have put their valuable experiences in books waiting for you. The big question is when the event happens? If you found the ancient astrology methods such as (Symbolic Progressions) aren't convincing, then I assure you that the new powerful methods of the modern Astrology as the Key Cycles do never miss and they can help you sometimes to escape the dreadful destiny (G. Location change) as they are Time and Place sensitive! With these instruments you can safely escape the worst. One more information, it took decades to create and test this part of the software to be ready under your tips for such non commercial price.    


What this unit offers :- is the ability to search for aspects (astrological configurations) and lists them in table. The unique features are that Astral searches for those aspects which you want and not all what it finds. It means incredible flexibility which no other software in the world managed to do [that is our challenge].

Look at the third figure below. For example with the button {BDEdit} you can alter the birth time (minutes, hours, days...) at the time of the calculation in order to see what changes could take place to the calculated aspects and whether the date of particular (Primary or Secondary progressing aspect or Transit or even Key Cycle aspects) coincides better with this suggested BDTime or an earlier or later one?

What is meant with incredible flexibility concerning Primary Progression (which no one yet managed to computerize it even in it simplest form) is reflected in the first table below:



Indeed Astral helps you to find what you want without any rubbish just to full the screen! You can adjust everything during the calculation to discover how Astrology really works. More than that you can even change to increment of time equivalent to one year span of life in seconds to have better focus on any Primary Progressed aspect. Professional Astrologers do appreciate teh extreme significance of this facility.        


You will have similar flexibility during the calculation of Secondary Progressed Aspects. Have a look at the figure below:



Well, if you are professional Astrologer, certainly you will appreciate (if not surprised) about the hidden significances behind the magic of Secondary Progression. Most calculations of secondary progression aspects (called directions) are based on the positions of planets after birth. Assuming that that aspect which will be configured between two planets after x days will reflect (cause) such event (according to the nature of that aspect) after x years. In fact that is just half the truth.

You see these directions are listed in the first and second columns of the above figure. Adjusting the contains of the first and third columns tells much more information and even more important information. The progressing planets throw aspects (directions) not only on each others but also on the radical (natal) planets. And more than that which is extremely important to observe is the involvement of the two most powerful points in every Nativity. They are the Ascendant (Natal and progressed) and the Midheaven (Medium coli or Mc). also (Natal and progressed).


I assure you that there are still much more things to discover in Astrology with the assistance of Astral         




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