Here is a real empirical example for the Time Measure factor in Primary Progression calculation.

It is the USA natal figures where the natal Pluto progressed from it natal position at 24 Capricorns 13 to the natal Jupiter in 5 Cancer 35 in Converse Primary Direction. Any Direction involving any of these two slow planets is very important. When both are progressed into a conjunction Direction, then something serious is expected to happen. Indeed that what has happened in September 2001. Below you see four tables all are searching for any Primary Directions for a definite period of 6 years starting from 1998. It is obvious that the arc of any of the calculated directions is identical in the four tables, the problem is what is the time equivalent of the calculated arc? This Primary Direction is taking place after over 220 years from birth and still effective to create catastrophical event. 

As it has been mentioned that there at least four Time Measures in converting any arc into span of time; as they are presented below in the four small tables as each of these measures converts the arc of the same Primary Direction into time and figures out the anticipated date when the Direction is going to take place. There is one thing sure with Primary Progression that is events are seldom occur precisely on the the calculated date. One will ask, then how can we select which of these Measures? Certainly it is the trickiest task in Primary Progression Astrology. But it is not really so difficult as it looks. The personal experience of the Astrologer in dealing with these Time Measures is extremely important. Therefore and it is not without reasons, for example the measure of (Actual Sun Daily Motion in RA) has gained sufficient support nowadays. Only, the problem is that this Measure needs tedious efforts for its calculation. simply one needs computer and smart software to do. It seems that only the software Astral  has managed to do that since the very old ages. There is additional important facility offered by the software that is, right from the Toolbar, one can alter the birth time few minutes earlier or later to see how the date of the primary direction is changed. USA natal chart is given here for the calculation to be 1776-07-04#02:15. What about altering it with one minute (forward or backward)? Probably, there are still lots of things to be discovered with Astral  .


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