Why Astrological Tables ?

What are Astrological Tables ?


Primary and Secondary progressions so as Transits all try to figure out the approximate timing of anticipated astrological configurations and to predict any impact on human life. Astrological configuration means when a Primary or Secondary direction (so is called direction not aspect) or a Transiting aspect takes place. A Transit takes place for example when a heavenly body (planet) in its orbit in the heaven conjuncts (passes over exactly the longitude degree and minute) of one of the natal planets or throws an aspect on it from various degrees (90, 120, 180, 60, 30 . . .). Then it will be recorded that a transiting planet (say Venus) has thrown conjunction aspect on a natal planet (say Mars). Natal planets positions are fixed, they are those of the transiting planets when one was bourn and they never change, but the transiting planets circle around the zodiac once every certain period of time. Venus circles around all the degrees of the zodiac once every one and half year or so, while Saturn needs eighteen years for each round.

We need Astrology Software to tell us when such astrological configurations take place, concerning Transits, it should find out the dates when the transiting planets form any transiting aspects with our natal points (points not bodies because aspects to some natal houses cusps are also important). The term "natal points" covers all natal planets and any other natal points on the Nativity is considered important by the Astrologers, which could include the astrological parts and houses cusps or even the positions of hypothetical planets mentioned by some Astrological schools.


Concerning Primary and Secondary Progression, the software should first calculate (which directions we SELECT to be calculated) and according which method and list then in tables so we know what is coming on. Flexible Astrology Software should avail us the verity of options for the wanted calculations and precisely calculate the directions (Primary or secondary progressions) exactly according the options we select and impose particular method.    


Good software should calculate these dates and lists them on tables. The main advantage Astral provides, is high variety of options and profound flexibility in presentation. Illustrations below show how tables are configured.

  • Progressions and Transits are searched for defined period.

  • The components of each of the astrological  tables could be fixed iindividually in all its details.

  • Astrological Tables calculate and list the timing of Primary & Secondary Progressions, Transits, Key Cycles Angles aspects.

  •  Astral is the only astrology software in the world provides so many options for researchers. It is the only software ever succeeded to computerize Primary progression! 

While Geocentric Astrology takes the Earth as the centre of the universe and measures planets positions as seen from the Earth, Heliocentric Astrology considers the Sun as the centre of all positions. Moreover, even the Geocentric Astrology has got more than one school in calculating the starting point of the zodiac. In Tropical Astrology (Western Astrologers), the point of  0 Aries remained as it has been since thousands of years as the starting point of the zodiac, while the favorites of the Sidereal zodiac has moved that point about a whole sign forward and they have even more than one calculation or increment (Ayanamsa) for how much inside Aries the starting point of the zodiac should be.

Non of these methods could be excluded, some Astrologers claim that financial Astrology shows excellent results on the Heliocentric chart and some others do show high precession on the Sidereal zodiac calculations. therefore, serious students of Astrology focus full attention on all methods. The great advantage of Astral Astrology Software that it is very comprehensive, it covers the verity of all methods. Instead of having a software for each particular method, we have all in one gigantic software for all purposes as the interpretations are all the same in all methods only the ways of calculation differ. There are tons of books about the interpretations of Transits and Progressions, they do not contradict among each others but rather enrich and support various points of views. The great question is when it happens, and for that one needs precise Astrology Software like Astral. 

For this purpose one needs powerful software makes the calculation in various methods <swiftly and with high flexibility> (i.e. without restarting the page on which one works or reentering new or the same preliminary data and so on much fuzz and irritations). The software should not interrupt the current of ideas and concepts the researcher is working on in order to be fixed to calculate something slightly different all such options must works under the thumbnails of the worker and that is exactly the unique advantage of Astral Astrology Software for Astrologers.





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