Primary Progression directions listed in tables


What Primary Progression is:

The original concept of Primary Progression has never been changed for centuries. Progressing the position of a natal planet means moving it (symbolically) about one degree forward or backward (i.e. direct or converse progression) for each year of native’s life or about that according to the Time Measure used. It is assumed that most life events occur when a progressing body (planet) progresses (moves) to make major aspect with a standing natal body (planet or angle). It is called symbolic because the planets progress (move) in a rate has nothing to do with the actual daily motion of the planet at any timeand all natal planets are progressed according to that symbolic rate.  

The distance of the imaginary journey of the progressing planet toward the point from which it throws its direction (aspect) on the other point is called the arc of direction. It is measured in degrees (called Right Ascensions or RA) and seconds. The method of one degree of arc is the equivalent of one year in human life is only one of many other measures to figure out the equivalent of time to the calculated arc of direction. There are several theories; Astral astrology software gives you the opportunity to test some the major options of Primary Progression Time Measures, here are some of these measures:-

   1)   Exact 1 degree per one year.

   2)   One year of human life equals the Average Daily Motion of the Sun (0°:59’:01”).

   3)   The Actual Daily Motion of the Sun after birth.

   4)   Sidereal Actual Daily Motion of the Sun in right ascension.

   5)   Custom rate defined by the user between 00:30’ and 1°:30’.  

Though, the difference among these methods is very slight, but sometimes it is sufficient enough to move the date of the anticipated event many weeks forward or backward, even if the time of birth was carefully recorded. All primary directions are taken on the ecliptic in Right Ascensions (R.A.), which is a degree on the ecliptic.

You can select the planet(s) you would like to progress (move) toward the others. You can also, invoke an option, which finds for you only directions to the natal angles (Asc. & Mc.). This kind of directions is considered to be very important. With correctly recorded or well-rectified birth time Primary Directions seldom pass without leaving remarkable events in our life. You still have more choices. Primary direction could be calculated either on the latitude of the planets (or without). Directions to angles could be zodiacal or mundane. You may have the same direction from the same planet but each time in different type. It diversifies the date of the direction, as if the nature keeps for itself a reserve date to manifest the consequences of the direction.

  •  Time Measure stick yards: Primary progression unit is called direction. They all are calculated first in degrees called Right Ascension (RA) simply degrees on the ecliptic. Astral software provides the facility to define the kind of searched directions (Zodiacal/ Mundane. With or without planets latitude. Geo or Heliocentric and so on ) at the configuration table. (RA) degrees get converted into years and days according to various Time Measures and are put in tables. With Astral primary progression will be easily coped with even by non professionals. Till now, the issue of Time Measure has caused some confusion among astrologers. Astral software has solved this problem with flexible customized time measure in addition to other four fixed measures to convert the arc of direction into years and days. Show_me1

  •  As in the yellow dimmed square on the right picture below, the astrologer can immediately switch to another measure of time to see the new date of any primary direction. Also, the type of planetary mutual direction whether with or without planetary latitude, zodiacal or mundane. The astrologer can alter all these options with few clicks. Show me2

  •  Primary progressions table which estimates the date when particular primary direction is expected to take place appears with other two tables on the same page, it is supported with many interesting functions. The astrologer can also modify native's birth time to see how primary directions change. Show_me3

  •  The contains of the table could be rearranged in 4 ways: by date, by the planets sending the direction, by the planets receiving the direction or by the degree of the direction. Show_me4

  •  How directions are calculated: Many astrologers avoid the calculation of primary directions for the complexity it involves. To clear the debate about the theoretical background and the origin of the calculated directions and their estimated date. Astral software reveals the root figures too!

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