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The software is composed of several units


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 Terms and conditions

Astral software is for Windows OS. XP, Vista, Win 7, 8, 8.1,10 . It is licensed only for personal and professional use and runs only on the registered PC. Either you provide the technical data of the registered computer (CPU, HD, Motherboard, and other hardware technical data and serial numbers) or run one of the freeware available on the net or run our free registration software. Why? to guard you and all genuine users not to pay for unauthorized copy amounts several folds our donated price.  Redistributors should register the product to the final user. The user can get another copy (or more) for the second computer at additional symbolic fees if ordered within a week. The non donated several computers version cost is five folds the ordered copy. Only email delivery up to (35Mb). We accept payment only through our payment wizard . Software sells are final and no refunding! 


Please send your order once you agree on all these terms


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Before payment, please contact our production center at enquiring: 1) whether the software could be fixed on your computer 2) when your copy will be ready. Usually, it takes only few hours to receive your copy, though sometimes it takes few days  (waiting list). You are requested to run our registration software first, testing whether your computer can run the technical features of Astral or not. Otherwise, Astral will be sent to you on your own risk whether you can run it or not. The installation copy should be saved to a CD or pen drive, we do not keep archive and cannot send it again in the future.         


After payment (and after having done the above steps), email us at  sending your PayPal transaction ID or any note about it to speed up delivery. Otherwise, your order may remain days unintentionally unnoticed. 


 We shall be delighted to receive your payment but only after emailing you that your copy is ready for delivery and then you will be asked to make the necessary settlement 




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