Planetary Transits Listing in Table


What Transits in Astrology means:

"Transits" is the passage of planets in the heaven over the natal planets positions in the Nativity (planets positions when the individual was bourn). The Nativity could be for and individual or for a state when it was constituted and even for your pet when it was bourn, simply every start has got its Nativity. It is the main starting tool in Astrology, nearly all reliable predictions are based on it. The accuracy of predictions are very much dependent on the accuracy in recording the exact minuet of birth which is often not always available therefore most Astrologers rectify the time of birth.  

Each planet circulates the zodiac within its fixed planetary year. Astrology is based on geocentric planets positions, or planets positions in the sky as they are seen from the earth. That makes the planetary year a little bit longer or shorter in the number of earthly days from year to year. Which means we cannot make simple calendar showing us after fixed period we are going to experience the transit of this planet over that natal position of the Nativity,


For thousands of years, It has been ascertained that the passage of any of the planets over any of the natal planets positions do affect somehow the individual.  Therefore, Transits has became of the most important prediction tools in Astrology. In fact not only the passage of the transiting planet over the exact position (degree in the zodiac) of the natal point is important which is called "making conjunction aspect". Also its passage over certain parts of the circular in relation to that natal point is very effective. For example when the transiting planet passes over the opposing point to the natal point (180 degrees off the original point) is considered auspicious or unfavorable because it is "making opposing aspect" to the natal point. Also the 90, 120, 60, 45, 135, 150 degrees parts of the circle are considered very important. each of them provokes events of different shades and nature all depends on the nature of the transiting plant and the transited one.


These tedious calculations are the main task of the Astrologer. Using computer has became inevitable today. Computers are very accurate but the challenge is how does the software used by the computer presents the calculations and how flexible it is to respond to the Astrologer needs to switch from one calculation base  to the other.  To see the Transit of certain planet over any natal point, it is not enough just to have the function of clicking on a button and the computer draws a beautiful colorful wheel for the day when the Transit takes place with some information or interpretation that you are going to be moody or prone to have a conflict with someone near to you and so on. However, such interpretation you can get them nearly in every book about Astrology you buy. One needs much more information than that, One needs to know what other Transits are accompanying the searched one, whether there are important Transits to the progressed planets during that period or not. Such information cannot be ignored at all when make sensible predictions and cannot be presented just in a wheel. It is extremely important to have it calculated and presented in Tables scheduling for you what other Transits are going to take place during ther the studied period of time.

The table also lists which Transiting Planet passes over which Natal and Secondary Progressed planet. Astrology assumes that significant life events happen about the date of a Transit especially of the slow moving planets. Transiting planet throws aspects from several degrees on Natal and Secondary Progressed  points (points means Planets, Houses Cusps & Astrological Parts). The Transits of the fast moving planets (Mercury, Venus) are not usually durable and effective, while slow planets Transits are always significant and their effect is notable. Transits Configuration Table (shown below Figure 1) plays key role in organizing the contains of Transits table. The Astrologer can eliminate any insignificant Transits to focus the attention on some others. 




Astrology Software for Transits?

Software is needed to do this tedious work in new seconds and not only that. Software like Astral gives you more tremendous advantages: 1) Filters out unwanted information 2) On a click Natal/Transits chart.  3) Birth Time, Houses System, Zodiac, Helio/ Geocentric adjustments at the spot.  While you are watching the calculated Transits, you can change these parameters and see the difference in the timing of the date of the Transits. You can alter the given Birth Time minutes forward and backward to see when particular Transit is supposed to take place. Sometimes such alteration throws a Transit days or even weeks to this or that direction. Here one needs really flexible instrument for this analysis.


Take for example the event of the US president J. F. Kennedy as shown below. There were no exact Planetary Transits on the day of assassination 1963-11-22 (table on the right in Fig.2) but on 1963-10-05 transiting Uranus squared the natal Sun and many other dreadful Transits before and after that date. That is what meant by Tables, The Table shows us full coverage to all what is going on during the studied period and with any rubbish of unwanted fast moving planets. The Configuration Table as shown above in Figure1 helps to element what is supposed to be unwanted information to concentrate the attention on what is mot important . For important personalities the task of Transits investigation could be divided among more than one astrologer, each will have plenty to do according to the configuration table.     


Just clicking on the investigated Transits shows you immediately Transits chart for the day of the Transit and remind you what have you feed in the memory of the table to look for. There might be a square Transit (90 degree) thrown by the transiting Mars and a natal planet but it is not on the list. The small table in yellow reminds you that you didn't want to trace such Transit from the transiting Mars. 


Transits presented in Tables can offer even more valuable information for researcher. The Key Cycle is modern astrological analysis and is gaining enormous popularity everyday for incredible accuracy it provides in timing event. The passage of Transiting planets over its angels is very important indicator. Astral software for Astrologers is the only software in the world could calculate and tabulate the date of such Transits (as both KC angles and the transiting Planets are in constant motion)


Summing up:

1) Transits table is chronological list of Planetary Transits during defined period of Native's life time.

2) Transits are aspects thrown from transiting planets on Natal and Secondary progressed points (planets and angles).

3) The table gives you the chance to check the actuality of the Transit, a click on any item shows you the Nativity with the transiting planets around it.

4) As all other tables you can sort it contains in many ways (Not only chronological listing) to see which planets were most active during that period.

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