What is Mundane Astrology




Mundane Astrology has been the origin of all predictions in human history. It observes the occurrence of major cosmic phenomena especially the astrological houses where it falls over particular geographical location. One understands that there are at least the following elements:


1)  Mundane phenomena

Mutual Planetary Aspects (MPA) and Planet entering new zodiacal sign (PEZS) are on the top of the most powerful mundane phenomena observed over the ages. Everyday hundreds new (MPA) are formed in the sky. Certainly not all of them are powerful enough to affect the human life on earth. There are what is called "Major Planetary Aspects" (Major PA) most of them are observed by astrologers. There are many others called "Minor Planetary Aspects", not all (Minor PA) worth observation especially those of the fast moving planets.

Nearly all mutual planetary aspects between the slow planets are called (Major PA), not all of them are similar in affecting the human life. Astral software has carried on special investigation among the available researches conducted by immanent scientists in this field and summed up special listing of the most effective (Major PA). Also the software provides the user with the possibility to discover new things among the wide range of minor PA with high flexibility.    


2) Where the Mundane Phenomenon takes place

It is assumed that the occurrence of any major mutual planetary aspect affects something and someone on earth. The question is what and whom does it affect? To find out what and where the phenomenon is mostly felt is the subject of "Mundane Location Astrology", while Investigating who (which individual) and how it affects someone among the people, is the subject of "Mundane Personal Astrology".


There is a trend among some mundane astrologers to identify some cities or even countries with particular zodiacal sign and then the occurrence of an important planetary phenomenon in that sign will be attributed directly to that city or country.  Such assumption could be true if the exact nativity of the location were established but that is not always available.

The other popular and more realistic approach is based on the same theory applied in understand the effect of the Eclipses, the effect of the Eclipse on earthly life is mostly felt in the city or place where it is visually seen. This method has proved its validity for thousands of years.


Nowadays, computers and programs like Astral tell us where and in which astrological house the cosmic phenomenon takes place when it occurred. Astral is supported with more than one search facility to find the date and even the approximate time of the above mentioned popular astrological phenomena (MPA & PEZS) . The listing of such events is very useful, in its new April 2015 additions, Astral went step further, it projects swiftly mundane chart for the phenomenon for the time of its occurrence.


Let us take the world financial crisis of 2008. It started with the bankruptcy of very large financial institution (Lehman Brothers) of New York in 2008-09-15. Could Mundane Astrology have predicted that event? Probably not with all its details but at least it could have felt the smoke of the fire much earlier before its occurrence even with very easy instruments which do not need specialist in astrology.


Though the crisis happened on 2008-09-15, DJIA fell to its lowest point (6516) after 6 months? on 2009-03-09 (as below). Let see what the stars say about that.



How Astral Software for Financial Astrology

starts the search


At the beginning of 2008 nobody expected any financial problems. All were happy for what they had enjoyed and planned to do. Penniless so as the unemployed were happy to buy houses just after signing credit agreement with a bank to buy a house called later (NINJA Loan = loan extended to a borrower with "no income, no job and no assets"). After a while the hopeless loans were packed as financial products of high revenue (AAA) bonds or whatever to be sold in NYSE and then distributed around the world.

Such kind of financial operation cannot pass without strong financial organizer. Later appeared that Lehman Brothers Bank was involved in it intentionally or not .

Can any financial crystal gazer predicted what will happen. We do not know, but let us see whether Astral Software for Financial Astrology has anything to say about that. The software has some astrological tools to help the user in any financial research, among them is unique listing for major mutual planetary aspects for the given year. The year was 2008, more or less it looks as below:


In fact, it doesn't show any critical signals on the contrary one can see several Jupiter TRINE Saturn aspects. The trine aspect is always considered as the most beneficial aspect especially if it was thrown from Jupiter the great beneficial planet . It appears that there was nothing to worry about. Was it really like that?





The <Mundane Location Chart> of New York will reveal what was hidden behind the seen as it has felt the stingy scenario of the whole play. The indisputable fact about this chart is Saturn appeared in the 2nd house of NY (Money & Finance) and Jupiter in the 5th (Speculation & Stock Market) in exact trine aspect with Saturn (favourable connection). Whatever the delineation of this chart were.

There is very rare fact, that on the date and minute of their 18 years trine aspect they meet in N Y <Mundane Location Chart> in such distribution. That one (Saturn) in the 2nd and (Jupiter) in the 5th !  


Possible chart delineation

There was enough reasons to be satisfied that business will go on the best track as Jupiter was in the 5th and Saturn was in the 2nd of NY. In reality the case was just on the opposite of that.

There is one golden rule laid down and stressed in the French school of astrology of J. B. Morin and further explained by some contemporary astrologers like Schwickert and Weiss; that it is mirage to follow the nature of the Planet without investigating its cosmic state which is about its zodiacal state and the environment in it at the time of the study or investigation. see chart on the left.

In this chart we see Jupiter was in Capricorn and colored in blue by Astral, it means that it was in FALL zodiacal state. It is the state when the planet is located in unfriendly sign. Namely, the sign ruled by another planet of opposite nature. Jupiter was in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. Always undignified planet (not located in sign it rules) remains under its disposer mercy (the lord of the zodiacal sign where it is located). It becomes heavily influenced by the cosmic state of the disposer. Here, the disposer of Jupiter was Saturn. In addition to its malefic nature, Saturn was retrograding (in backward motion) which increases its malefic nature and it was located in the 2nd house of NY <Mundane Location Chart>, it is definite reference to financial affairs especially Jupiter was in the 5th of the Stock Market.   

Look at Jupiter, it was in its Fall sign (exile sign harmfully weakening the planet).  On top of that it was opposing its natal position (The exalted natal Jupiter) located in the natal 2nd. As if it was crying to its natal image (natal Jupiter) for help that it was severely weaken (in Fall state) and was under the mercy of Saturn and it was in (the 5th of NY) while Saturn in the (2nd NY money).

Consequently, the benefits of the trine aspect has lost its value due to the zodiacal nature of the two planets, on the contrary the trine aspect here has revived the unfriendly relationship between the two planets. It was only matter of time till Saturn shows its dreadful intention. That happened when it was provoked by the opposition aspects with Uranus in 2009.          


Summing up

1) The important starting point was first revealed by the listing (Jup120 Sat) and then

2) Intensified by NY <Mundane Location Chart> for (Jup120Sat) 2008-01-20

3) The location of these two planets in NY map was impressive. One was in the 2nd house (Finance) and the other was indeed in the 5th (NYSE) at NY G. location.   


Among Astral Software for Finance major planetary aspects influencing the Financial and Economic life 


Once such suspicious mutual planetary aspects appeared in the horizon of financially influential city like New York in 2008, the search should be extended for the coming year to see what was really going on.

Indeed, Saturn appeared in the picture with its exact opposition with Uranus several times due to retrograding motion of both planets as if two fighters heating themselves for the final battle. 


Extending the search for any

conjunction and opposition mutual

planetary aspects with the slow planets

2008 - 2009


Conjunction and opposition are the most powerful mutual planetary aspects, On the left there is short listing for these aspects calculated by Astral Software for the slow planets between 2008 and 2009.


The listing is rather dominated by Mars. The first and last aspects in 2009 were of Saturn opposing Uranus. It means that one of them at least was in retrograding motion (sufficient to increase planet evilness). Also Saturn was further inflamed by the opposition aspect with Mars (April 2009). Mars has fired on all other planets in that period creating very hostile environment


Another crucial MPA appeared in the listing, it was the opposition between Venus and Pluto. Both are of extreme importance. Venus was on the cusp of the natal 2nd (National finance), while Pluto was in the natal 9th (5th of the 4th Real Estates Speculation) 




Dow Jones Industrial Average 2008 -2010




The above diagram is for N.Y. Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) just before and after the financial crisis of 2008. (DJIA) as an indicator reflects the general confidence in the US stock market. Lehman Brth. bankruptcy could have passed away as any everyday problem, if it did not instigate heavy fall in stocks value and echoed the whole financial world. The market continued deterioration for 6 months to loss more than 50% of its value on 2009-03-09 while the event took place in 2008-09-15 and only by 2011 the market recovered its losses.

In mundane astrology event like failure of single firm is trivial individual event, the general social, material and global impact is what expected to leave its stamps in the planetary map. It is the public fear and satisfaction. 50% losses cannot pass without firm astrological reference. The above listings are global, they do not refer to any particular country. But . . .

from such global phenomena, how can one make any reference to certain country or certain market?

It is the task of Mundane Astrology and its instruments. It seems that the  <Mundane Location Chart> is reliable instrument. Though, it is some kind of horary chart, its value is firmly supported by durable astrological phenomenon like this one. There is certain fact about it that it is fully accidental there is absolutely no logical explanation to know why it is took this or that formation at particular G. Location. It reflects the unpredicted fate so as the accidental location of such planetary aspect in certain horoscopes such as in the Nativity or other astrological charts.




This is the US Nativity with the transiting planets (outer ring) on the date of the global opposition aspect between Saturn & Uranus. It is essential to observe the natal houses where such rare phenomenon takes place.

What does Saturn signify to the world largest economy?

The transiting Saturn is located in the natal 5th house of (stock market & speculation) accidentally on very conjunction aspect over the natal Neptune which in its turn () appeared to be the depositor (hostage taker) of natal Uranus (Saturn's opponent (enemy)) in this opposition. Neptune is the lord of the natal eleventh (hopes and wishes to solve problems) was well squeezed between Saturn and Uranus that any problem in the horizon at that time cannot easily solve peacefully.

In 2008 and 2009, the transiting Saturn could have passed through the 5th natal house without causing serious problems if it were not provoked by serious planetary aspects or any other harmful configuration. This Mutual Planetary Aspect (MPA) has been hovering the horizon for months.

It was like time bomb waiting for the ignition. Where? indeed in the 5th house affairs at N Y G. Location. And that what happened.

It is good practice to start any analysis inspecting first of all the Nativity. In this one, the natal Saturn was located in the 5th house as well. Despite of that the state of the economy and the general wealth were prospering for decades. How come? due to the powerful support of Venus, Jupiter and the Sun all together in the 2nd house of wealth.

Well known nature of Saturn is that it from time to time gives some lessons or correction to its surrounding. In this Nativity, Saturn surrounding is the 5th house environment, there where the natal Saturn was located right from the beginning. It can't be better place than financial and  stock market crisis.

In the below listing one can see Saturn's and other slow planets major mutual aspects (conjunction and opposition aspects which are the most powerful for the years  2008 and 2009.  Astral Financial Astrology Software offers the facility to search the wanted aspects between any pair of planets within defined period of time. This search is designed to find the 0 and 180 mutual planetary aspects between the slow moving planets.    


Lehman Brothers 2008 Financial Astrology

On the 2008-09-15th New York waked up hearing the news that a bank called Lehman Brothers is bankrupt. Everybody realized later that it was not usual event, it took the whole financial world into financial crisis. N Y stock market continued deterioration for nine months losing more than 50% of its value. In a way or another the crisis threatened nearly every bank and financial institution over the world.

It was World Financial Crisis. It is vital test for Financial Astrology reliability.  

Let us see how Astral Financial Astrology Software analysis the whole situation:

1) Related Astrology field

Substantial part of Astral Financial Software for Astrologers is devoted for Mundane Astrology which is the natural environment of Financial Astrology. In this respect Financial  Astrology is not based on crystal ball gazing but rather on calculating planets positions in the sky and interpreting that into assumptions based on previous empirical experiences and statistics.

2) Analysis methods

Astrologers have at their disposal handful astrological instruments to build up any assumption. In fact, Financial Astrology  is not closed or hidden world requires magical key to get through it. It is like reading the newspaper , the kid needs first to learn the alphabet and then reading single words and finally reading the whole newspaper. All astrological instruments used in the Financial Astrological are well known, Astral Software for Financial Astrology did not invent any miracles, it only rearranged them to be fluent and easy to used by for this purpose, considerable efforts were deployed to get this target, so it is not as easy as it looks like.

3) Mutual Planetary Aspects listing

On the top of the used instruments are the global Mutual Planetary Aspects (MPA). Of course the art is not only to calculate and list them but also how to read their massages which is the second task in handling the problem. Just asking the computer to find all possible MPA for a period of time and get them listed by date may not solve the problem.  Astral Software has prepared for the user various ways in calculating and listing the data to help him/her to find the most wanted appropriate answer sooner or later.

4) What could be affected 

After having a list of the most possible MPA associated with the nature of the studied event (as in the two columns below), the researcher should 

First :- investigate or assume which of those listed items (MPAs) seem to be powerful enough.

Second :- Whether any of them is related with the geographical place (City) where an event is expected to happen .    

For this purpose Mundane Astrology can use the <Mundane Location Chart> to find out the most possible life activity field which will be effected at that G. Location (astrological house). Just observing the house in which the (MPA) falls when it occurred.

In other words every MPA is global phenomenon and it may discharge its energy everywhere in every filed of our life activities, with the <Mundane Location Chart> the astrologer tries to find answers to these questions.

5) The most powerful Mutual Planetary Aspect

From Listings below seems that the opposition aspect between Saturn and Uranus of 2008-02-04 is rather suspicious for the evil nature of these two planets, they are unfriendly to each other especially when they meet in an opposition aspect (opposing or fighting each other). It takes place once every 80 years or so. Then it is highly probable that something big may happen. The question is where and when it will happen?     

6) Wheel to start with

To understand what happens on earth when planets fight takes place in the sky, one must find out Planet(s) significance in the Nativity of the concerned thing or person. Saturn received a hit from Uranus, it was not simple hit; it was rather bloody kick as both were exchanging the retrograding (backward) motion during that period and for a half year or more. Any intervention from any third party (planet or planets) will make the environment even more hostile and ready to create serious problems. That what Mars did during all that period of time; barking and biting everything around it, like a mad dog, Pluto's nature is somehow higher octave of Mars's nature and even more evil. Pluto was behaving in the same manner as Mars did during that period of time. Both were surrounding the bleeding old Saturn as if each was trying to add one more stick in the fire under Saturn.

That all remind us with similar fight between Saturn and Uranus when they met in 1932-10-17 in their mutual square aspect. The result of that meeting was the Great Depression of 1932. Waw!












Listing 1


Major 0& 180 (MPA) calculated by Astral for 2008 and 2009


Saturn & Uranus opposition aspect is the heart of the listing. Mars aspects were everywhere around just to inflame the situation

The Mundane Location Chart


Which part of the world will be effected

To understand any listing of Mutual Planetary Aspects (MPA) such as the one on the left. One needs instrumental key to assume which part of world might be effected from the occurrence of any of the listed phenomenon

The <Mundane Location Chart> (on the right) is an instrument used by astrologers and is introduced here by Astral Software to help in Financial Astrology analysis.

It is easy to use, simply we observe the house where the planets of the phenomenon fall when it happens and observing if any other notable configuration was taking place at the time of the phenomenon.

(image 2) is calculated for the geographical longitude of (N Y) at the time of the global opposition aspect between Saturn and Uranus of 2009-02-04 (listings on the left).


Image 2

It is very much indicative chart (image 2)  

1) In this opposition (Sat 180 Urn) Saturn fell in N Y (Mundane Location chart) 7th (House of legal matters) on the natal Neptune. Neptune was still the accidental ruler of event's (Sat 180 Urn) 2nd house of Finance. Neptune in Virgo =  Detriment (zodiacal state stressing the negative features) = (Deception/ Negligence) (2nd= Financial failure)


2) Naturally, when a planet is located in the 7th, its opponent in any opposition aspect will be located in the Ascendant. Uranus was in the Ascendant but surprisingly it was also the ruler of the Ascendant as well which gives it much more power (located in a house and being also its lord). That means:

- <NY Mundane Location Chart> Uranus fell in NY 1st house and ruled the Ascendant while its true image the natal Uranus was squeezed in the 4th of this (NY Mundane Location chart) it is the house of Real Estates.

- The second main contributor in this configuration (Sat 180 Urn) is Saturn which appeared in the 7th. It was ruling NY (MLC) 12th (misery and confinement) disposing the transiting Mercury. Mercury ruled over (NY MLC) 4th (Real Estate).

- There is no need to extend the delineation further as it shows clear association with a Real Estates problem.         


3) The transiting Pluto is the slowest moving planet appeared in this chart in exact opposition with the natal Venus? As if Pluto has been waiting for years to this occasion (Sat 180 Urn) to appear in the picture in exact opposition with the natal Venus. Pluto orbits the zodiac in 248 years. Why it appeared on 2 Capricorn to oppose exactly the natal U S Venus accurately with this horrifying MPA  (Sat 180 Urn) ? What does it mean? 

Natal Venus is of special significance in this Nativity (image1). It is located (not only IN but) on the natal 2nd cusp. It is the ruler of the natal 12th. Natal Venus is in conjunction aspect with the natal retrograding Jupiter. Such configuration of Venus may refer in similar charts to the money (2nd) of the miserable (12th) people (Shares holders, Tax payers ...). In this chart <N Y Mutual Location Chart> (image2) Venus was accidentally and peacefully located in the 5th house of (Speculations/ Stock Market).

Also we see Pluto was opposing this natal jewel (Venus) deeply afflicting it. Natal Venus was rather crucified by the most powerful and cruel Pluto (Pluto was the moving body while natal Venus was the standstill body). Where? indeed deep in the midpoint of the 5th house of the Stock Market. Pluto was ruler of Aries and Aries in this chart was on the 2nd (Money and Finance).


Summing up:

Global phenomenon was taking place (MPA Sat 180 Urn). <Mundane Location Chart> for NY appeared to be highly associated with Real Estates at that G. Location (NY). While it inflamed the environment of NY with the Real Estates issue, the very slow and rare MPA of the transiting Pluto sneaked to opposes the natal Venus during (MLC Sat 180 Urn) when Venus was still in the 5th (Stock Market). As if Pluto didn't want to loss that chance. Which chance: of having the environment at that location highly electrified by very powerful (MPA Sat 180 Urn). The further development will continue when the transiting Venus approaches its own annual natal position (see below).    


Such configuration cannot pass without echoing the whole world.


In fact; only one of these indications is sufficient enough to relate Saturn opposition Uranus aspect to N Y. 



In Mundane Astrology the chart of such event (Mutual Planetary Aspect - MPA) is considered very informative for what will happen later on or even earlier before its occurrence at that G. Location.

The occurrence of (2009-02-04 Sat 180 Urn MPA), withdrew the attention to another formation was just taking place at that G. location which will prove to be very indicative. The transiting Pluto was approaching its nearest opposition position with natal Venus (2 Cancer 20) as mentioned in note No. 3 above. 

On 2009-08-01 transiting Venus (outer ring) formed its exact opposition with transiting  Pluto at (1 Cancer 02) for the first time during its (Pluto) retrograding motion. It means that earlier to that date 2008-08-01 it passed over (2 Cancer 20) of natal Venus; assumingly it opposed the natal Venus on 2009-06-09. It was just about the date (2009-06-03) when Dow Jones approached its lowest point during that crisis.      

This date is important to the US nativity. On the right we see the <Mutual Location Chart> for this event (t Pluto = n Venus). Its significance goes to the fact that the transiting Venus was accidentally ruler of 4th house in that chart (Real Estates).

Though, (tPluto = tVenus) happens once a years but (tPuto=nVenus) happens  once every 248 years. This time it took place when tVenus returned to it natal position and was the ruler of NY 4th <Mundane Location Chart>.

It draws the conclusion that the natural destructive power of Pluto will affect natal Venus in (ruler of 4th house affair) in N Y (Lehman Housing Loans exposition to the public and punishing (Pluto in 12th) Lehman)            

image 3  -  NY Mundane Location Chart 2009-08-01

Event = transiting Pluto 180 transiting Venus




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