Lunar Return Astrology

It is short time prediction tool, the chart is calculated for the time of the month when the transiting Moon arrives at the exact zodiacal position of the natal Moon. The placement of the Ascendant of this chart in the Nativity is very important, so as the placement of the Moon (natal or monthly) in Lunar Return (LR) chart.

The zodiacal sign of the Ascendant is an indicative factor. The Ascendant refers to the personality of the month. The personality speaks about the character and the overall tendency of the activities during the coming moth. It is not expected from this chart to reveal major life events. It is rather concerned with the emotional mode and Native's feeling which may lead or bring about certain activities and actions producing certain kind of events.


It is good practice to watch later on the day when the transiting Moon passes over important aspects points in this chart during the month. Having for example a slow planet moving slowly to make transiting aspect (0,180,90,120,60, ... ) with natal planet or sensitive point (Asc, Mc). Suddenly you find that planet on one of the Angles of your Lunar Return chart, then certainly that month will witness the activation of that unique Transit especially on the day when the transiting Moon passes over it.

It is better not to ignore Lunar Return chart, on the other hand it is rather upsetting to erect it manually so often. Therefore, good astrology software should not leave it uncalculated. It is gaining some popularity among Astrologers for short period predictions. Studying the case of John Lennon death whose Nativity is shown in figure 1 below. Figure 2 shows last Lennon's Lunar Return before his death on 1980.12.08. His Lunar Return chart for NY houses and planets are in the outer wheel of figure 2.


Figure 2: John Lennon last Lunar Return chart before death

The high elevation of the Moon (LR/Natal) right on the cusp of the MC of Lunar Return chart (NY & Liverpool). The Moon was the ruler of that LR 4th house (end of . . . ) life. It was sufficient signal to worry about.


Look how Lunar Return Ascendant (19 Taurus) fell (accidentally ...?) exactly on the Midpoint [Jupiter/ Uranos (13+25)/2=19 Taurus]. It is the Midpoint between Natal Uranus (Sudden) and  BOTH  Natal Jupiter (LR8th ruler Death) & Saturn (Natal 4th ruler=End of Life) (both were in LR  12th  of Death by Hidden Enemy ) and what.,.?  All from the in the Natal 8th?!

The up mentioned activation of particular long Transit aspect came in focus here too. it is the opposition Aspect of the Transiting Uranus to its natal point (Natal Uranus). This Transit was nearly EXACT (only 3 minutes off). It came in action with that Lunar Return when the Ascendant activated its exact Midpoint (Ur/Jp+St). Transiting Uranus was aspecting the natal Uranus from the angle of LR 7th (open individual enemy) but the killing and Lennon death (8th) was in hidden manner were Jup & Sat (LR 12th) were located.


Despite the limited abilities of this little instrument, it can be very useful tool after some practice. Here we have taken random example for illustration and it showed us many significant indication from quick glance. As has been mentioned above that LR angles are of high importance. All depends on how they are presented (by the software) and the flexibility of the presentation. Effective and easy to use software is inevitable in such analysis.


Just for illustration we show (below) John Lennon's Lunar Return for Liverpool, it is the place of his birth. Figure 3 below. The Mc (10th house cusp) did not change its degree while the Ascendant moved 14 degrees. Also all the Houses have changed their zodiacal degree cusps. It is less significant than that of NY the place of John Lennon residency when he was murdered.



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