Lunar Astrology


Astrologers engagement with the Moon has exceeded any interest in Astrology since ever the history of mankind. Lunar Transits in the Nativity usually affect our emotional mode and personal environment over the short run. Lunar Astrology is also essential part of  the Electional Astrology.

The Nativity is a Horary Chart for the time of birth. It is the most significant chart in our life, despite the fact  that we have no influence on its definition. Thereafter, every action we do, has its own Nativity. Electional Astrology is concerned with the creation of designed Nativities in advance for actions we would like to do.

There are some rules agreed upon by Astrologers concerning the placement of some planets in the designed Nativity (Electional Chart) which could bring good or bad results for the initiated action. The time of lunching actions with long effects on our life worth considering. All legal actions including marriage and signing contracts have their Nativity at the minute of signing the document. Buying and moving into a house is always accompanied with such signatures.


Among the golden rules to avoid disappointment is the placement of the Moon in the horoscope at the moment of the initiated action. All over the ages the hour of the rising Moon in the horizon is considered to be very ominous so as the few hours after and before the New  Moon.

When both these phenomena (rising New Moon) happen at the same time and were accompanied with one or more ominous aspects between the Moon and malefic planets, then say good bay for what you expect to get form your initiated action. Such cosmic combination could easily cause even infinite death of newly born children. (often with the involvement of Lilith; see "The Dark Moon Lilith in Astrology" by Ivy M. Goldstein - Jacobson, AFA).

Astrology software like "Astral" for example has elaborated carefully special chapter calculates the timing of the Rising Moon. One needs only to have a monthly print of it in the drawer to check it from time to time, to avoid that dreadful hour during the day. See the other topic about The Rising Moon at the bottom of another page about  Mundane Astrology



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