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On 2005.07.07 buses and underground trains were attacked by fanatic suicide boomers killing many innocent people, that foolish action cannot have any rational explanation. Such events cannot pass without some astrological fingerprints. There are many astrological methods to trace and predict events, among them is the Key Cycle. It is based (more or less) on sequential progression of the natal Medium Coeli (M.C.) with an increment to any date, the calculation has absolutely nothing to do with any of the known methods of primary or secondary progressions. Astral Software for Astrologers devoted very special attention to this valuable Astrological instrument and elaborated even several shades of the original Key Cycle.

Astrology is a gift helps us to understand what behind human irrationality is. With Astral astrology software, we try to work out some astrological explanation to London bombs of 2005-07-07 and of 2005-07-21. Any astrological analysis needs correct Nativity to start with. It is extremely difficult to acknowledge certain map as genuine Nativity for an old city like London. Many Nativities were proposed since sometime on top of them are:

1) 1066-12-25#12:00 The Norman King William III (the Conqueror) coronation as monarch of England

2) 0973-05-11#12:00 Coronation of Edgar as King of unified England 51N22#002W22 

3) 1801-01-01#00:00 The unification between G. Britain and Ireland (UK birth)

4) 1922-12-07#17:28 (Belfast) The  unification between G. Britain and N. Ireland

All are mentioned by Nicholas Campion in "Mundane Astrology / 1984-Aquarian Press". However, it doesn't seem that any of them stands the test to reflect at the same time 1) The horrible events of 2005-07-07 AND 2) Earlier events such as London great fire of 1666.

Very recently I have received a chart based on an old legend goes back in history to the bronze age when the first settlers came to live in London and in sacred ceremony grounded what is similar to our present time corner stone. It was in BC 1503-06-30#03:04. The figure is mentioned by the Academy of Predictive Astrology of London 

The Key Cycle as presented by Astral Software has lots of fascinating things to say about these events. One will be surprised how Astrology works with such precession over the ages. The precessioned Key Cycle seems to show its values better with Morin's house system. First let us introduce the classical Key Cycle to see how capable it is to predict and explain the event of 2005-07-07


  2005-07-07  London Bombs 


I cannot really say that the above analysis is fully understandable to everyone who hasn't learnt yet the alphabets of Astrology. But any student of Astrology will be certainly impressed to see so many rare Astrological configurations on that date. It is indeed the hidden language of Astrology voiced by the Key Cycle, one of its most powerful calculation instruments and is put fully under the tips of Astral Software users.

Below, one finds two more charts with their Astrological analysis, One is for the usual Transits charts of London on 2005-07-07 which can't really tell us much without the supplement of the Key Cycles techniques. The other one, is for the precessioned Key Cycle, a new instrument developed by us and made available in Astral Software for Astrologers. It is really fascinating how this instrument is working magnificently to indicate with so much details to that event.



  London Bombs 2005-7-7 Transits chart and pKey Cycle chart 


  London bombs

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