What the Key Cycle is


 What is  the Key Cycle?   

It is normal transiting planets in Key Cycle (KC) houses which are very personal, they are the natural evolution of your natal houses to the date and place where you are now. (It is an astrological instrument for  making prediction. Astrology attributes the general trend in human life and important life events to planets relative positions in the Nativity of the individual. The Key Cycle is one of the instruments applied by Astrologers for this purpose. Its idea was invented in the mid of the twentieth century by an American astrologer called himself "Wynn" after he had been disappointed will all other prediction instruments. Though, those instruments (progressions) were practiced for thousands of years by all astrologers. Simply he crossed them all out in one sentence when he presented the Key Cycle. It seems today that his frustration is quite understandable. All other instruments require accurately documented birth time (up to the minute). Probably such luxurious birth surrounding with time keeper outside the birth room was available only among the aristocratic, though not all of them enjoyed such exceptional care. While for the newly born baby among the public, it was hardly remembered the day when birth took place. Birth time (BT) had to be rectified to approach the estimated BT, even such rectified BT could never be guaranteed to be really the actual BT. In other words, the whole prediction premise of astrology could be collapsed due to the impossible requirement for its application (exact BT). Nowadays, birth circumstances has improved and birth documentation is much better than before.)


 What does it mean ?  At the moment of birth your natal and Key Cycle houses are identical. After about 5 days your KC Meridian Heaven or Medium Coli (M.c.) moves 1 degree forward creating new houses cusps, it is the beginning of your KC houses. Show_me


 What is significant ?  KC houses are very personal, inside them move the Natal & Key Cycle planets. The positions of natal houses (especially the angels) and the natal planets inside the KC wheel are very indicative (which Planet in which KC house on particular date).


 Does it work and why ?  YES it does and no one knows why. I have been testing them for about quarter of a century and they have never let me down. There are lots of cases fully documented for their reliability.


 How can I get more of it ?  "Wynn" is an American Astrologer, he is the inventor of the KC. In 1937 wrote articles about his discovery, they were republished and are still available. Astral  Astrology Software has enriched those concepts with substantial improvement for higher accuracy also provides useful guidelines. As two more types of Key Cycles are added the Sidereal Key Cycle and the Precessioned Key Cycle. Both work magnificently.


 Why do I need computer ?  Otherwise, the amount of manual work to calculate these charts is enormous.


 Why the software Astral ?  Astral  is not written by computer programmer according to the instruction of an astrologer. It is written by an astrologer for the personal need. It is the product of decades of research and development.


 Show me an example !   Below, on the left is shown the nativity of someone, on the right is the Key Cycle after 5 days. On the day of birth both had the same houses cusps and planets positions.


At the moment of birth the natal planets and the KC planets are the same. After few days the natal planets aren't the KC planets anymore. The transiting planets on that day became the KC planets. KC houses cusps for that day need some calculation to find them out. KC houses are very personal and show  the actual Horoscope of the individual on that day. The meaning of KC planets is also inspired from their natal indications. The meaning of the KC houses should be blended with their meaning in the Nativity (in the natal Houses) they are coinciding to be inside on particular date.

On the left: John Smith Nativity. It is also his Key Cycle on the day of birth. 

On the right:  Few days later, Key Cycle houses and planets moved away form their natal places and they are in the outer wheel. In the inner yellow wheel you see the Nativity, the natal cusps (in yellow) are moving clockwise due to the daily changes in Key Cycle houses cusps. In fact the Nativity stays constant and they move anti clockwise. 



John Smith Key Cycle: 2 years after birth  and 4 years and few months when Key Cycle Mc returned to its natal position to start new cycle.


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