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All over human history Astrologers attributed global events on earth to particular planetary configurations in the sky, which is the main task of Mundane Astrology or Political Astrology. It makes forecasts from reading the Nativity of the Nation exactly as natal astrologers do with the Nativity of  individuals. Mundane Astrology studies planets positions and configurations and attribute to them past and future events which may encounter the nation. Whether Ptolemy's theory about nations planetary rulership or the Planetary Cycle theory, much of the analysis studies Planets Mutual Aspects and the timing when Planets Change Signs. Astral Astrology Software facilitates these tasks for the researcher in most flexible way.


This part of the software deals with the mutual relationships (Aspects, Rulership) among the horary planets and each others. Six tables are prepared to help in this analysis.


 1)  Speculum  (Click on me) 

 2)  Mutual Planetary Aspects   

 3)  Planets Entering Signs   

 4)  Major Planetary Aspects   

 5)  Selected Planetary Aspects   

 6)  The Rising Moon ! 



1) Speculum table: 

It shows the most important mundane data of the natal planets.  This data is vital for many calculations in Mundane Astrology.



2) Mutual Planetary Aspects Analysis: 

Aspects measure the relative positions of planets to each other in their motion round the Sun. This part of the software helps you to find the dates when aspects between two planets were formed. For example: if the square aspect between Mars and any of the other great Malefics (Saturn, Uranus and Pluto) is of special concern to a researcher in Astrology, it will be very useful to know when such aspects take (or have taken) place. Instead of thumbing the whole ephemeris to find those dates, few mouse clicks and the software finds all in few seconds




3) Planet Entering Signs tool :

In many Mundane Astrology applications, the date when some planets enter new zodiacal signs is very significant and brings with it global changes according to the nature of the planet and the new sign.




4) Major Aspects tool:

It is unique and very useful part of the software, important aspects will be searched for the defined period of time. The default set of searched aspects is carefully selected, each aspect has gone considerable amount of research by many Astrologers. Around the date of each of these Major Global Aspects, is expected acceleration in human activities as for example in the financial market. The software picks these dates and marks in green those of rather positive impact on the global political and financial market as in the table, while the red background colour refers to the heavy global aspects. Watch carefully the table below for 2001. In addition to the rare and dreadful opposition aspect between Saturn and Pluto, the table also picks the entrance of the North Node into the sign of Cancer in October 2001. It certainly will focus the whole intention on the demotic affairs in the shade of Plutonian terror in concealed Saturnine cool manner. Mars conjunction with the South Node (Opp. North Node) is best defined as "action-then fear". (B.P.Grebner)   

It is difficult to judge how much coincident between the catastrophic event of Sep 11, 2001 and the dreadful opposition aspect between the two great malefics Saturn and the destructive Pluto of this century. It is very rare aspect and takes place once every few decades, but in this century it happened just about the date of 2001-09-11. Both planets were retrograding in motion, they were circling around the exact aspect degree (180) for considerable amount of time. It was an era of terror and destruction stamped with cruelty and blood. The aspect between Saturn and Pluto was accompanied with another heavy aspect it was the opposition of Mars to the North Node. The domestic nature of the turbulences was further emphasized with the entrance of the North Node into the sign of cancer.




5) Selected Aspects tool:

This option is similar to the previous one, here the user can also fix the searched aspects and planets. The default option extends the search to some aspects where not included in the previous table. 

As we have seen in the previous table and the one below that the rare aspect between the two slow planets; Saturn opposing Pluto didn't pass peacefully in 2001 despite the trifle elevating aspects between Venus and Jupiter. The final dagger often comes from a malefic aspect from Mars; in this case Mars conjuncted the South Node.    




6) The Rising Moon Analysis:

In Astrology there are some valuable indisputable rules, it is assumed that bad omen follows any new start which coincides with the passage of the Moon through the horary first house especially its conjunction with Ascendant (1st house cusp). In your city, the Sun rises everyday early in the morning and it is not difficult to find out exactly when that happens in the next morning. The same story we have everyday with the Moon but the time of (Moon Rise) moves forward everyday about forty minutes to the previous day which makes it really uneasy to guess without special calendar or without software like "Astral".

You should expect even more hard luck if you began something with a NEW Moon Rising at that time. The case becomes even worse when the New Moon makes bad aspect with a Malefic planet such as Mars, Saturn or Pluto.

This part of the software helps you to avoid much misfortunate with very little efforts, it is enough to print a table as the one below for the next few months and keep it with you to check whenever you have something serious to sign or before planning important actions.

It seems that the planers of the event of Sep, 11 2001 knew what they were doing. On that day the Moon entered the first horary house from the second house (NY G. Location) at 23:03 and left it (the 1st house) at 00:36 the following day. So they started their actions well after last Moon rise of 2003-09-10 at 23:38. 

There is one thing for sure that if they were six days ahead and began their action on Sep 17 before 7 a.m. they wouldn't have any chance to succeed against the Rising NEW Moon on that day. It is worth investigating how high to normal was the rate of infants death in NY between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on the day of that new moon Sep 17.


For our satisfaction that the figures of such serious table do not consist on any silly miscalculations or errors, it is enough to click on any figure listed in the table to see full horary chart for that time for the defined geographical location. In this table the column of [On Asc] for 2001-09-11 is empty which means the Moon didn't pass over the Ascendant on that day at all. It entered the second horary house of NY late on 2001-09-10 at 22:06 and left lat on the same day. And entered once again on 2001-09-11 after 11 p.m. and left on the next day 2001-09-12 early at 00:36. A click on Moon last transit over NY horary ascendant, shows the chart below:         


You see how the Moon was exactly on the Ascendant on that date in the outer wheel, trying hard to hold on with the conjunction aspect with the natal Mars. It was hinting to the conjunction aspect of the exalted horary Mars (in the horary 7th) which was making with the wicked South Node in the 7th too which refers to an open enemy. (Horary Mars conjuncts the horary South Node once every four years or so, but when it does that with the natal Mars on the horary horizon and when at the time Moon rises, it is  really not a phenomenon happens very often?)

Some Astrologers go so far to assume that no new start can prosper with the New Rising Moon. With this part of  Astral  software you can really avoid many uncalculated risks and misfortune. At home you can experiment this fact personally, try to sow few seeds of grass or any plant at the time of the New Rising Moon, they will never grow. Imagine how often in the past you have taken serious life actions and many doomed into failure for unknown reasons?   



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