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The background:

Do you know that Financial Astrology is among the most researched topics in Modern Astrology, despite the fact that there aren't much reading material about it and about its everyday techniques. Late in the nineteenth century someone investigated the sunspots and the business cycle and found coherent correlation between them. Sir William Herschel the discoverer of the planet Uranus proved statistically that "in periods with little or no sunspots, wheat was scare and prices were high; conversely, during the periods of abundant sunspots, crops were abundant and prices were low" (David Williams p10). "Mercury, Venus, the Earth and Jupiter all raise substantial tides on the Sun". There is no way not to observe the involvement of the planets in all these researches. It shaped the "Planetary Theory of the Business Cycle". Nearly all planets and their mutual aspects were investigated. Clear correlation was found between the ups and downs in the stock market and some planetary mutual aspects. All added substantial improvement to this theory and confirmed the relationship between planets positions in the heaven and the fluctuations in the financial market on earth.

It is better not to expect that the financial astrology software tells you what to buy or when to sell. Otherwise, everybody goes buying or selling the recommended stock creating unpredictable consequences on the market.


What does it effects:

In Financial Astrology, everybody talks about how the "Financial Market" get effected by the Mutual Planetary Aspects (MPA) and similar astronomical phenomena. The concept of the "Financial Market" is too wide to help the individual student of astrology to conclude precise market decisions whether to buy or to sell this stock or that commodity. In fact, the trader needs an instant  help to take the right action in the right time. Let us assume that an important MPA such as Mars opposites Saturn is going to take place in few weeks. Everybody knows that this MPA is rather negative, but how negative is it on the Dow or on the xxx stock traded in India or xxx commodity traded in Chicago?

I don't think there is anyone anywhere confidently can answer such questions. All depends on the stock/ commodity itself and its trend in that particular geographical location at that particular date when the MPA is going to take place. Why? (MPAs) and similar astronomical phenomena do not behave in same standard manner every time everywhere affecting everything in similar predictable way, though such particular stock or commodity will not escape their effects. The question is how they are going to do that this time?


How it works:

The answer is really very simple; they are going to do that as they did in earlier times concerning that particular stock or commodity  traded in that particular market. Then it is not difficult for the student to predict what is going to happed without any fortuneteller or magical software. Instead one should apply the old methods used by the floor traders for ages. Each person who trades particular stuff develops by the time in his memory the graphic trend of the traded stuff and reacts swiftly according anticipated situations. Astral software will help you to do that.


What influences the market:

There are two major methods to deal with important astronomical phenomenon such as an Major Planetary Aspect.

- One, is to take for granted what is expected to happen according the common methodology known about it.

- Second which is the method recommended by Astral. It is based on investigating how in past the specific MPA affected this particular Stock, Market Index, Commodity or whatever stuff one is trading with in this particular geographical location and tries to assimilate the present circumstances to what happened in the past to conclude more realistic results.

That means we should 1) find out when the phenomenon took place in the past and 2) how in each time the diagram of the stock reacted whether ups or down in order to build our present anticipation how the stock is going to do this time. One may ask: Why all these complication? It is because the MPAs do not affect everything everywhere in the same manner. The up mentioned "common methodology" is true but in its very general broad lines.     


Our search instruments:

The idea is to collect real information about how particular astronomical phenomenon has affected the diagram of particular stock/ commodity/ market index in the past, in order to conclude from that what it is going to happen tomorrow. Once Astral finds for you the exact dates when the studied MPA had taken place in the past during the last few years and you marked them on the price development chart (diagram) of the studied stock/ index or commodity, you are going to have realistic expectation for how the trend is going to move at the time of next occurrence of the astronomical phenomenon.   


What to expect:

With the Financial Astrology we are trying to come up to the most important movement of the Stock, Commodity or the Market-Index when its trend changes direction. That's it, it is valuable piece of information which no other forecast instrument can predict e.g. the Technical Analysis (TA). TA is based on factual market records took place in the very near past (days earlier) to build up forecast for today and not even for tomorrow. With our method in Financial Astrology analysis the researcher will be trying to anticipate the state of market not for tomorrow but in weeks or even months ahead.       


How true is it:

The traditional skeptical argument about the validity of the Financial Astrology declares that the astronomical phenomenon taking place in the heaven is indeed very global event. If it is supposed to bring negative consequences on earth then a general halt is expected, which definitely is not always the case. Probably the missing fact is that such phenomenon affects every little event in the market in its very own individual way.

Therefore, the only logical way to anticipate how particular astronomical phenomenon is going to affect this stock or commodity is find out how it did that before and indeed in this particular geographical location (GL). In other words two more factors should be added to the analysis.  1) The terrestrial GL of the effected item. 2) How the item reacted in the past to the studied phenomenon.           


How to do that: The investigation could be summarized in two steps:

1) Find out when the same astronomical phenomenon (the mutual planetary aspect MPA in our study) took place in the past years or decade.

2) Find out how the trend of the Stock, Commodity or Market-Index behaved when that particular MPA took place in the past at that GL.

In this type of Financial Astrology analysis, the researcher is trying only to guess when the trend is going to change direction from up to down or from falling down tendency to upward. Nothing more and nothing less. Astrology will not tell how high or how low the price will be.


What one needs to do that:

You can use any tool to approach the above 2 mentions targets, whether with computer or without.

1) Concerning the first step, Astral Software has developed special methods for finding and filtering the sought MPA. Moreover, it is supported with its own listing of the most important mutual planetary aspects whose impact on the general economical life was proved imperially. It is important to have in seconds listing of dates when the sought planetary aspect did take place.

2) The second step could be fixed easily by the user. Make a copy of the price index of the Stock or Commodity. They are published everyday by large financial portals such Yahoo Finance or Google Finance and many others local financial portals in every country.


How the Planetary Aspects affect the Stock:

It seems that what happens is similar to the fact when one puts straight metallic chain under a big magnet, it will pull it up or push it down. In the market, the final effect is heavily influenced by the general trend of the chart which in its turn is the product of the influencing many other planetary aspects and astronomical phenomena at that time. That all could be true if you believe in Financial Astrology (FA), otherwise just forget about it and find some other interpretations. In fact we do not know how the planets influence the human behavior, but everyone is confident that human behavior toward the ups and down in the stock market is often based on non rational psychological reaction. It could be attributed even to celestial factors. Such arguments are really less significant to us. The most important thing to trace the effect of particular phenomena (MPA) and the trend of particular Stock, Commodity or any Market Index in particular geographical location.

It happens mostly either when the trend is pulled up or pushed down. At every moment more than one cosmic phenomenon or MPA is affecting the trend of the Stock. Exactly what concerns the Financial Astrology researcher is "When the trend changes direction, from upward to downward and visa vie ! "      


When the trend changes:

Neither the human brain cannot observe the effect of all astronomical phenomena, nor our computers are capable to do that. Then, it is sufficient just to watch one or more  planetary aspects to forecast any directional change in the trend of the studied chart. According empirical statistics, among the hundreds of MPAs some are classified as rather negative (push the trend down) while some others pull it upward. The puzzling fact is that the observed MPA does change the direction of the trend once and may not do that some other times. The answer is obvious, all depends on the power of the other affecting factors a n d  how this particular MPA behaved in previous similar occasions toward the same chart a t  that particular geographical location.             


How the MPA behaved in the past:

The astrological phenomenon may affect the Stock or the Market either in its full power or just touch it slightly. The final effect is very much influenced by the power of the general trend of the chart itself.

Malefic Aspects and bullish trend: Even powerful single malefic MPA may not be sufficient enough to avert rocketing upward trend. Then, what  it is going to do? In such cases one can expect only short slow down in the momentum of the bullish trend and weakening it to receive the knock down hit from another aspect or from the same aspect when it occurs again soon afterward.      

Malefic Aspects and bearish trend: Such MPA certainly will never do good it can only pushes the falling trend even further down. Surprisingly its occurrence  could be the final point when the falling trend surrenders and we see the final capitulation level when the trend changes direction upward.

Similar effects could be observed with the benefic planetary aspects.

Benefic Aspects and bullish trend: Certainly it supports the market upwards. Also, it could become the highest level the market can approach to collapse suddenly after that date. 

 Benefic Aspects and bearish trend: In strongly falling trend it can only elevate the deteriorating trend in a short relaxing stop station. When the falling trend explores most of its vigor and becomes as wounded beast, strong enough MPA of this kind will be capable to slap the bear and turns the tendency upward.

These are among the general controversies of planetary aspects actions over the development trend of any financial activity. No other way to guess what is going to happen after important MPA occurrence without sufficient studies to how it has affected this particular financial activity in the past. One should build up individual and personal understanding to enrich the stories about the aspects told by the astrological authorities called as financial astrology experts.  


Financial astrology software should operate as flexible research instrument to help you in understanding the market. It cannot function as direct buy and sell instrument. To involve yourself into the realm of financial  astrology you need to have two things 1) some elementary knowledge in Astrology and 2) some software to help you in making your own predications. Among the astrological signals which you will be looking for are these listed below. To understand them  you need to have statistics about  their previous impact on the market and not only theoretical anticipation. Computers and sound financial astrology software can help you to gain, accumulate and test that old knowledge. All astrology research instruments presented here are based on empirical experiences.

On top of what you should investigate are the following issues;

1) Global Mutual Planetary Aspects especially among particular planets

2) Timing the date when (some) major planets enter particular zodiacal signs

3) Electional Astrology hints for the exact time to initiate buy or sell action and to avoid ominous periods.

4) The location of the Moon in election chart

5) Testing the various options concerning the zodiac (tropical, sidereal), planets (Geocentric Heliocentric positions).

1) Global Mutual Planetary Aspects it is very important element to be considered first. Despite the fact that every Mutual Planetary Aspect between two planets is a universal phenomenon, researches have shown that all major markets are connected and the domino effect hits them one after the other sooner or later. But, the same universal phenomenon is not necessarily affect all the markets in same manner and at the time. 

Heavy (0,180,90,45 angels) aspects between slow moving malefics (i.e. Planets which often bring about Malefic events) do not pass without serious slow down in the markets. Let us take random examples for illustration. David Williams quoted Louise McWhirter in her "McWhirter Theory of stock Market Forecasting " where she attributed primary trend of business volume and finance to the cycle of the North Node passage through out the twelve signs of the zodiac (Williams, Financial Astrology, p57) and mentioned McWhriter's listing to some Mutual Aspects which tend to raise or depress business including Saturn malefic aspects to Uranus. Statistical research has covered also Jupiter opposition with Saturn and Jupiter opposition with Uranus aspects, all confirmed ample coordination between them and the business cycle.

Good Astrology Software is expected to support such kind of research with high flexibility. With few click, Astral Software finds any mutual planetary aspects during any defined period of time. As in the following example. The software searched for three mutual aspects (0, 180, 90 checked as below) between Jupiter and Uranus for the period of 12 years starting from 1992. The results looks as in the table below Figure 1. In the next Figure 2 we see the Dow Jones Industrial average when plunged in 2002.


Figure 1


Figure 2: Below is the Dow Jones Industrial average as marked on it the above table

DJ Industrial indicator sharpest fall took place in mid March 2003 about five months before Jupiter/ Uranus opposition aspect. One understands that not all ups and downs in the market should be attributed to this single planetary aspect. It is only one among many other aspects affect the business cycle. One may ask why the deepest fall in March 2003 wasn't marked by that significant aspect. Probably not many know yet why the cosmic nature plays with us such game and it is quite possible that you or some other researcher may discover the answer.

However, that DJI fall was indicated by some other aspect(s). Look at the chart below (Figure 3) the search conducted by Astral Software looking for (Mars/ Saturn aspects) for the period between 2002-2004 revealed that these two planets had similar opposition planetary aspect on 2003-02-20. The search is further extended and found more planetary aspects during the year 2003 as in Figure 3.


Figure 3:


Figure 4: Enlarged view for 2002-04 span above 



Astral software offers another more elaborated method for the search for mutual planetary aspects. This time not only between two couple of planets but between any number of planets selected by the user and any particular aspects between them as shown in Figure 5.


Figure 5



2) Timing of Planets Entering zodiacal Signs:

Lots of researches have been done about this subject including the North Node changing signs. Researcher like Williams went to say ("Thus, the position of the Moon's North Node may be said to be "advance warning indicator" of an important stock market low" p117). He proved statistically that "the 9.3 year Nodal Cycle has correctly indicated the Stock Market turning points in 80 percent (eighty!) of the time" p118. The indicator of Planets Entering Signs cannot be left untouched in any serious Financial Astrology Software see figure6 below.


Figure 6: DJI average and Moon's North Node entering Cancer in 2001
























The search for (Moon's North Node changing signs in 2000 and 2001) shows very correlation between N. Node entering Cancer and the sharp fall in N.Y. Stock Market in 2001 following the tragedy of September 11 in that year. N. Node entering Cancer has always accompanied with Stock Markets falls as Williams affirmed since 1795. It is not only N. Node entering signs worth consideration. researchers are also investigating dual planets entering various zodiacal signs and its impacts on the Stock Market. This software facilitates such research as well.

Note: The motion of the N. Node around the zodiac moves in backward manner (anti clockwise), it enters the sign of Cancer from 0 Leo to 29 Cancer and enters Leo from the degree of 0 Virgo and so on.


Figure 7: Multiple Planets Entering Signs analysis















3) Election Astrology hints for financial transactions:


Do you know that even best financial experts encounter what they call misfortune and loss of money in the Stock Market. Not because they had lost their wisdom but rather because they had lost their temper. That where the Electional chart can help us. In fact, there are some cosmograms (i.e. Horary charts for an initiated action) are strong enough to defeat any promised good luck in any transaction. For important and big decisions, it is quite sensible to review the main principles of Electional Astrology. Here are some of them:


Electional Astrology selects the best available fortunate time (or the least harmful) to initiate financial action. It is influenced by the cosmic state in particular (hour/ day/ month and even year). Astrology cannot make wonders here, we all are subject to our fate, it can only make it easier to avoid the worse or attain the best possible which is not always (the best) results whether for the Buyer or for the Seller. You may ignore all that, but are you sure that the other side is also doing so? (ignoring the astrological signals). If not, then it is better to check it up, otherwise there is nothing easier than to be on the wrong side.


Astrological principles which favor the Buyer are not the same to those which favor the Seller. The horary first house and its lord at the minute of signing the transaction signify the Buyer while the Seller is signified by the seventh house and its lord. If you were the Buyer then try to fortify the first house and keep its lord out of affliction, try to make the lord of the seventh applying to the lord of the first and fortify the planet signifies the nature of the object of the transaction (Sun for Gold and valuables, Mars for Arms, Mercury for communication and printing materials and so on). For the Seller the 7th house should be kept out of malefics and its lord applying to the lord of the first house. In all cases the Moon should receive special attention to be out of affliction. Selecting the phase of the Moon depends on the nature of the operation. Though it is very sound rule (nearly for everything), it is often recommended to select that part of the month when the Moon is increasing in light (the first 14 days between the new and full Moon). Concealed operations or eliminating debts or cutting weeds favors other phases of the Moon for better results that means the second half of the Lunar month when the Moon is decreasing in light.


It is always about selecting the most favorite time which is not always the best option. Sometimes, one is forced to select not even the most favorite but the least harmful timing to initiate some hasty transactions. Time constrain is sometimes so tightened that there isn't really much time to maneuver. But when the matter is about valuable fortunate it is really better not to take heavy risks whatever how high the optimism were. Only reliable Horary (Electional) chart can help here. The word reliable is used here because even manual chart erection is prone to errors, not mentioning what has been calculated by the computer and pumped on the screen as ready made chart? Is it really it is always correct and without any errors? Hopefully it is, but certainly it is not always like that.


Very often, the errors are caused by user's inaccuracy and got passed unnoticed due to less strict controls by the software. The problem of Geographical Location of the election place and the Daylight Saving increment and the calculation of the Time Zone have been always the main environment to cause such deadly errors. Therefore, the software is supposed to support additional control measures to waken up the user not to commit such serious errors. It could be said that such errors are extremely harmful and can change the forecast up side down.


Please visit all Astrology directories on the net such as < Acute Astrology > and find me similar Financial Astrology Software, which can help you in making sound financial decisions. I am ready to buy it too. All the calculation for Financial Astrology are included within Mundane Astrology chapter (Globals). please see out Price List



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