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Astrology software branches are based on what kind of charts (wheels) and how are calculated. Some Astrologers use the Tropical zodiac while others prefer the Sidereal zodiac. Also, the geocentric or heliocentric planets positions.  


Political Astrology

Political Astrology Software techniques are based on Mundane Astrology. A whole page is devoted for itAll over human history, the presence of Astrologers was very essential in the ancient royal courts. Certainly they were not all the time researching the mode and character of the ruler to find him/her the adequate partner. The fortune of the nation was and still the prime engagement of Mundane or Political Astrologers. The main task of this branch of Astrology is to study the terrestrial effect of planets positions in the zodiac and their mutual aspects. Investigating the fortune of particular country or specific city requires having its Nativity erected correctly so as the Nativity of its ruler. To do that the astrologer need precise valuable data which is not always available for Astrologers. Therefore, modern methods and means are constantly invented to manage even without having the precise Nativity worked out as for example L. Edward Johndro Geographic Locality Method (see his "The Stars - How and Where they Influence" and "The Earth in the Heavens" chapter 5 [Verification of World Events]). While the horary chart for the establishment of a city or the country depends on up-to-the minute birth event timing, method like the Key Cycle is very tolerant with the birth time recording accuracy. Key Cycle analysis has shown wonders how easy and expressive is (see our Key Cycle analysis for Sep,11 2001 event on other pages of this site). Astral Software provides considerable amount of analytical tools for such analysis.

Sidereal Astrology

Sidereal Astrology based on the Sidereal zodiac. Astral Astrology Software can calculate all charts and tables on the Sidereal zodiac with more than one AyanamsaWestern Astrology is based on the Tropical zodiac, it starts at 0 Arise. Sidereal Astrology followers argue that the starting point of the zodiac is not there anymore due to the precession of the equinox, which really moves at mean rate of about 50 seconds annually (00:00:50.25) in relation to the fixed star constellations. That means the Tropical zodiac starting points has moved from 0 Aries into about 23 degrees inside Pisces. The difference is called the Ayanamsa which makes all planets position in the Tropical zodiac too fast about 23 degrees forward, this amount should be subtracted from the Tropical position to get the position in the Sidereal zodiac. Hindu Astrology prefers planets positions in the Sidereal zodiac and it is Sidereal Astrology based. Not only Hindu Astrology is Sidereal Astrology many western Astrologers apply nowadays the Sidereal positions of the planets in their applications. No one can ignore so many fascinating predictions made by many Hindu Astrologers which all were based on the Sidereal zodiac.

Astral Software is well prepared to put all that under the disposal of its user. Planets positions in the Sidereal zodiac are available whenever is needed and in any part of the analysis. The calculation of the Ayanamsa is not fixed for ever, its amount increases year by year. Moreover there is more than one school of thinking for its calculation (Lahiri, Raman, Fagan, Johndro) all these options can be adjusted flexibly with few clicks in Astral Software.

Comparing the difference in chart interpretation, one will find mine of undiscovered new astrological information. Both zodiacs work together in magnificent way on two spheres supplementing each other to open up wider horizon of knowledge in front of our view for the past and the future. I have applied the Sidereal zodiac in the analysis of the Key Cycle and found amazing results (see sidereal zodiac analysis for Sep, 11 event).  Page_Top

Heliocentric Astrology

Heliocentric Astrology calculates planets position in the zodiac as seen from Sun, which Geocentric Astrology puts the Earth as the centre of the universe. Heliocentric Astrology has its supporters especially among Financial Astrology researchers

It is an interesting avenue of the Modern Astrology where planets positions are calculated as seen from the Sun as the centre of the chart . The traditional (Geocentric) Astrology calculates planets positions as seen from the Earth as the centre of the universe. Planets placement in the zodiac will not be the same. Heliocentric chart contains the position of the Earth instead of the Sun. Planets positions in the signs of the zodiac will be different to their positions in the traditional Geocentric system. Planets ruleing over the zodiacal signs remain unchanged. 

Heliocentric planet position in a sign indicates matters of public interest that mean its significance refers to the type and quality of our relation with the outside world. Heliocentric Jupiter signifies its own traditional meanings of good fortunate, expansion, optimism and education but in relation to others from us, while the Geocentric Jupiter focuses those values to us from the outside world. The Heliocentric positions of planets reflect our status, how we are seen from the others. For example the second house will not reflect what we own rather then what they think we own or our value to them. Therefore house position of Heliocentric planets should be considered seriously as it will not be always the same as of the traditional system. Heliocentric planets could be progressed and transited. One more interesting thing about this system that we can use both planets types (Helio & Geocentric) in Transits. Namely, Heliocentric planets positions as transits to geo natal planets, or Geo positions as transits to Helio natal planets.

It is found by some Astrology researchers that this system works excellent for Financial Astrology. They think this system "provides the most reliable and consistent astrological methodology for explaining major trends in the financial markets". All these were sufficient reasons to take this system seriously and so Astral Software did. Nearly all charts and calculations can be calculated with Astral on the Heliocentric sphere. The software can switch with high flexibility from one system to the other. I can only say the results were often marvelous.  Page_Top 

Horary Astrology

Horary AstrologyThe technical progress in communication technology helped to make Horary Astrology to become more popular. It is based on the assumption that map (Horoscope) at the moment of asking any question provides the karmic answer to client's question to the Astrologer who explores the cosmic state of planets (zodiacal sign and the house occupied by the planet) and the mutual aspects (received and sent by the planets) and some other things. The key factor, is the exact minute when the client delivers the question asking for any clue to certain problem. The Astrologer erects the Horary chart at that moment to find the answer. What the Astrologer needs here is dynamic Horary chart regenerates itself every minute showing the actual cosmic state and the positions of the planets. Astrologers work with various methods at the same time. The chart could be geocentric but could be swiftly changed into (Heliocentric) whether on the Tropical or Sidereal zodiac. Horary Astrology examines many elements of the chart such as the nature of the rising planet (all planets rise and set every 24 hours), house location of every planet especially the location of the Moon and so on. It differs a little bit from the Electional chart as it needs to be constantly and automatically updated every minute so one can sit aside and it works endlessly. Stock market players and gamblers who know the main principles of Astrology need this chart as daily guiding instrument. Some of them do not put any money in the market when the Moon enters the Ascendant or when Saturn enters the fifth house. For all such applications the user has no time to look into the ephemeris and make schedules in advance for when to buy and when to sell. Moreover, the Astrologer so as the investor need quick short list for the nearest aspects (next 24 hours or so) of the Moon and the planets. Often such information is required urgently during the time of work and should be calculated and exposed by single click. It seems that "Astral" Astrology Software has mastered this avenue as it shows not only the changing Lunar aspects dynamically but also the cosmic state in of the Moon in colors when it changes signs during the day.    Page_Top



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